Dec 18, 2013

Justin Bieber said about leaving the scene

Justin Bieber got nervous all their vast army of fans: 19-year-old singer made a very unexpected announcement: According to the artist, he ... career ends!

During yesterday's interview with radio station Power 106 Bieber said:

After release of the new album, I am retiring.

Words singer made broadcaster Kurt Alexander cry:


Then Bieber seems to have decided that the application was too loud, and hastened to smooth it out:

I just want to grow as an artist and take a step to the side, to make their music more mature.

Fans Justin, who call themselves "beliberami" had sounded the alarm, but, writes portal TMZ, the star closest to the source said that Bieber was just joking and is not going to go anywhere.

Or maybe Justin just decided to stir interest in his upcoming album, declaring it "the last"?