Dec 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian very thin

Star Kim Kardashian showed off his views postroynevshego body. After only six months after birth, Kim dropped 25 kg. This is a huge result, but not the ultimate dream, said artist, because to stop there is not going to.

From the way she was able to so quickly lose weight, secret Kim does. It has long been recognized that the system is powered on Atkins, so that it would soon lose weight even more.

A source close to Kardashian, said: "Kim consume no more than 1,000 calories a day, constantly drinking herbal tea. In addition, their daily workout star begins at 5 am. Plus it has a workout and throughout the day »

feeds Kardashian specialties who prepares for her personal chef.

Source, who requested anonymity, said:" Sometimes, of course, Kim allows himself to relax, but once takes himself in hand, because before she has a lot of work "

Kim Kardashian lose weight

Oprah Winfrey: I have never regretted that I do not have kids

One of the most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey stated that he never regretted the lack of children. She added that this is her conscious choice.

One of the replies to the letters of the pupils of the Academy of Leaders for girls named Oprah Winfrey in South Africa, a TV star spoke about his views on motherhood:

If I had children, they would hate me. Would have ended that they would have discussed the manner of "Oprah." In my life, a lot of unpleasant things that can make my family suffer. While my school friends dreamed of how to call the children, I wanted to bring people the same kind, like Martin Luther King.

Today institution organized Oprah makes many girls in secondary education in patriarchal South Africa. Numbers such that 100% of enrolled students reach the end of the training course, and then ends the third of graduates colleges.

Star riders: who of celebrities most fastidious?

Celebrities with his stellar disease sometimes very surprising. This is particularly evident for those riders that they are making concert organizers. And if there are technical riders who simply stipulate tuning musical instruments, amplifiers, microphones, ie, stars and everyday riders. There can already be found anything.

Course, you can make allowances for the fact that each actor can have your diet, which involves certain products. Suppose some other banal convenience. But all this is not limited. Very many stars indicate that in their room must be installed a new toilet: for some - with leather harnesses, and for some of the more - gold or diamonds. Someone else wants to see in his room some animal ... Almost all bought himself luxury cars. Star whims not count. Let's try to understand them.

So, Jennifer Lopez loves to her room was all white furniture, wallpaper, all the elements of the interior, as well as roses and lilies. At the same time the flowers have to change three times a day. Although sometimes the singer changes color apartments depending on your mood. By the way, along with Lopez concerts always ride two cosmetologist - under one for each eyebrow. At least that's what journalists write. Also on the list J.Lo diamond-encrusted headphones.

Rider in flamboyant Lady Gaga was almost nothing. There's basically lists a menu of dishes is quite normal. Well, maybe, it is unclear why the oxygen tank knocked on his strangeness.

that's one of the essential points in the Britney Spears is a rider golf car. It was here that the singer moves from the dressing room to the stage, apparently to save your strength for their dynamic performances.

Mariah Carey orders further separate room for your dog. As well as 200 towels, gilded bath filled with mineral water, and expensive champagne.

Surprised Robbie Williams: Artist requires a photo of the Dalai Lama, four ashtrays and bonsai. Sometimes he asks you to bring a monkey.

Interesting inquiry from eccentric Iggy Pop. In his refrigerator should always be broccoli. And this despite the fact that he can not stand her. The secret is that before a concert artist cabbage rolls, thus getting rid of all your negative emotions. Also, sometimes in his rider enters his mandatory escort from the hotel to the concert in the form of seven dwarfs to "Jaguar».

Sissy turned Kanye West. Its rider - hand sanitizer, a special lotion, facial scrub and even lip balm. His driver must wear clothes made of cotton, and Kanye prefers to drink only "Pepsi" and in any case not "Coca-Cola».

Justin Bieber of the strange requests at least 10 white T-shirts and shirts with V Neck-and as many pairs of white socks.

Surprised and Elton John, by the way, just in time for his recent concert in Moscow. Artist wished his whole room was filled with live trees and even birds!

But the great and awful Marilyn Manson calls in your room feline filler. And not for my cat, but for ...

Kevin Federline to become a father for the sixth time

A former husband Kevin Federline Britney Spears already has five children by three different women, but, apparently, it's absolutely embarrassing former dancer, so he will soon become a father for the sixth time.

Yes, all right - wife Federline Victoria Prince is in an interesting position, and for a long time: a girl in her sixth month of pregnancy.

turns out, the couple has long tried to attract attention: beloved and then give hints to the press, but those did not take them seriously. So, once Kevin and Victoria relaxed on the beach, where Prince sported a large t-shirt with the inscription "Federline" front and rear number 6.

Recall that the married Sher Kevin Jackson, who bore him two children - daughter Cory Madison and Caleb son Michael.

second wife Federline became just Spears, the singer also gave man two children - sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

chosen one third Lovelace became Victoria Prince. The couple exchanged vows of love and fidelity in August this year in Las Vegas. The year before she gave birth to a daughter of Kevin - Jordan Kay.

Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline
Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline with his daughter Jordan Kay
Sean Preston and Jayden James - sons Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

'Face of the Future': the first trailer of the film with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt
It seems that Tom Cruise and even thinks about to retire: Hollywood actor full of energy and ambition, and the proof of this is the trailer of the new film "The Edge of the Future" with the participation of international celebrity.

Company on the set of sci-fi Cruise thriller was Emily Blunt, for which the work on this project was something new. Previously worked as an actress in completely different genres.

Release paintings is scheduled for late May, but fans are already stars are sure that the tape will be a resounding success. Still, "Edge of the future" - this is another movie that could have easily enter into a short list of nominees for the "Oscar" in the category "Best Visual Effects".

Starting stories may seem trivial - in the near future aliens commit ruthless attack on Earth, but humanity does not intend to give up: the army of all countries together to give the final battle.

But not all so simple: Colonel Bill Cage, who have never been on the battlefield to this point, comes to grips with one of the aliens. Kill him, but he captures with a life and alien. This is where the fun begins - suddenly he wakes up alive and well in the beginning of that terrible day. Cruz is now a hero forced to fight and die again and again - physical contact with the humanoid has closed time loop ...

Blunt also got the role Riot Rita Vrataski that destroyed more alien than anyone else. It will become co-worker in the difficult battle Cage and help unravel the mystery of his travels in time.

people news: Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson engaged

Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister Pippa Middleton are preparing to get married soon. It became known from a source close to the royal family. It turned out that the girl is engaged to her boyfriend Nico Jackson.

And secretly betrothed couple in the summer, before Wimbledon. However, young people have decided to keep it a secret because of the interesting position of the Duchess Catherine, they do not want to distract media attention from the upcoming birth.

According to the informant, Pippa and Nico will officially announce their engagement and perhaps a wedding date in This Friday - 13 December.

Catherine and William on the documentary show at the Museum of Natural History

Duchess Catherine and Prince William once again pleased the crowd with his output. At this time, the royal couple visited the London Museum of Natural Science, which was screened documentary.

Monarchs were in a good mood: almost all the pictures William and Catherine smiling.

By the way, the picture, which came to show young parents based on scientific and archaeological data. In addition, the belt is made in the format of 3D, and its author is a British naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.

Note that for its release Catherine chose a dress from Alice Temperley, which she had worn in the past year at a reception in University of St Andrews, where then the premiere of the movie "War Horse"

paparazzi: Rita Ora on the set of a new advertising campaign

Rita Ora

Just yesterday we were treated Rita Ora pictures sitting on the lap of Santa Claus during the Christmas collection presentation brand Material Girl, and today the star left the gray-haired friend in New York and went to sunny Miami Beach. There, the singer took part in a new photo shoot for the famous brand.

Paparazzi were able to make some shots in Rita Ora when she posed in the original black and white mini dress: she tried to look modest, but at the same time sexy .

Then dark-skinned beauty has replaced several outfits, according to which, one can assume that the new line is made mainly in monochrome shades and it is dominated by plain patterns and prints.

Recall that Rita Ora signed contract with the fashion company owned by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, this spring and since then constantly comply with the requirements prescribed in the contract.

Perhaps Madge pleased with the work of the young actress Rita Ora has a long history of working with others, not lesser-known labels, moreover, it is very bright girl with an eccentric style.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

It should be replaced at the presentation of the Russian film award

Today, in the heart of Moscow passed the awarding of "Event of the Year", which was the second time the magazine conducts The Hollywood Reporter. Guests of the event were Nikita Mikhalkov and Fyodor Bondarchuk ,Svetlana, Vera Glagoleva Olga Kabo, Pelagia, Eva Pol'na Andrei Chadov and other celebrities.

Summing up the year, the editors noted prizes most prominent representatives of the Russian film industry. Among them - Fyodor Bondarchuk, won the prize for the sensational project "Stalingrad", producer Anton Zlatopolsky, directed comedy "Kiss!" Andrei Pershin, aka Jora gooseberries.

Nomination "Benefit of the Year" Award-winning actress Ekaterina Vasilieva, which played in the film "Marathon". Award titled "Surprise of the Year" went to Yuri Kolokol'nikova which surprised the audience by getting a role in one of the most popular TV series of the world - "Game of Thrones".

In awarding the prizes during the evening premiere of the photo project "12 faces of the year" . His heroes - the most popular actors of today. Portraits, which were the first guests of the event overall, the public present in a special exhibition in the spring of 2014.