Dec 12, 2013

It should be replaced at the presentation of the Russian film award

Today, in the heart of Moscow passed the awarding of "Event of the Year", which was the second time the magazine conducts The Hollywood Reporter. Guests of the event were Nikita Mikhalkov and Fyodor Bondarchuk ,Svetlana, Vera Glagoleva Olga Kabo, Pelagia, Eva Pol'na Andrei Chadov and other celebrities.

Summing up the year, the editors noted prizes most prominent representatives of the Russian film industry. Among them - Fyodor Bondarchuk, won the prize for the sensational project "Stalingrad", producer Anton Zlatopolsky, directed comedy "Kiss!" Andrei Pershin, aka Jora gooseberries.

Nomination "Benefit of the Year" Award-winning actress Ekaterina Vasilieva, which played in the film "Marathon". Award titled "Surprise of the Year" went to Yuri Kolokol'nikova which surprised the audience by getting a role in one of the most popular TV series of the world - "Game of Thrones".

In awarding the prizes during the evening premiere of the photo project "12 faces of the year" . His heroes - the most popular actors of today. Portraits, which were the first guests of the event overall, the public present in a special exhibition in the spring of 2014.