Dec 12, 2013

'Face of the Future': the first trailer of the film with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt
It seems that Tom Cruise and even thinks about to retire: Hollywood actor full of energy and ambition, and the proof of this is the trailer of the new film "The Edge of the Future" with the participation of international celebrity.

Company on the set of sci-fi Cruise thriller was Emily Blunt, for which the work on this project was something new. Previously worked as an actress in completely different genres.

Release paintings is scheduled for late May, but fans are already stars are sure that the tape will be a resounding success. Still, "Edge of the future" - this is another movie that could have easily enter into a short list of nominees for the "Oscar" in the category "Best Visual Effects".

Starting stories may seem trivial - in the near future aliens commit ruthless attack on Earth, but humanity does not intend to give up: the army of all countries together to give the final battle.

But not all so simple: Colonel Bill Cage, who have never been on the battlefield to this point, comes to grips with one of the aliens. Kill him, but he captures with a life and alien. This is where the fun begins - suddenly he wakes up alive and well in the beginning of that terrible day. Cruz is now a hero forced to fight and die again and again - physical contact with the humanoid has closed time loop ...

Blunt also got the role Riot Rita Vrataski that destroyed more alien than anyone else. It will become co-worker in the difficult battle Cage and help unravel the mystery of his travels in time.