Dec 12, 2013

Star riders: who of celebrities most fastidious?

Celebrities with his stellar disease sometimes very surprising. This is particularly evident for those riders that they are making concert organizers. And if there are technical riders who simply stipulate tuning musical instruments, amplifiers, microphones, ie, stars and everyday riders. There can already be found anything.

Course, you can make allowances for the fact that each actor can have your diet, which involves certain products. Suppose some other banal convenience. But all this is not limited. Very many stars indicate that in their room must be installed a new toilet: for some - with leather harnesses, and for some of the more - gold or diamonds. Someone else wants to see in his room some animal ... Almost all bought himself luxury cars. Star whims not count. Let's try to understand them.

So, Jennifer Lopez loves to her room was all white furniture, wallpaper, all the elements of the interior, as well as roses and lilies. At the same time the flowers have to change three times a day. Although sometimes the singer changes color apartments depending on your mood. By the way, along with Lopez concerts always ride two cosmetologist - under one for each eyebrow. At least that's what journalists write. Also on the list J.Lo diamond-encrusted headphones.

Rider in flamboyant Lady Gaga was almost nothing. There's basically lists a menu of dishes is quite normal. Well, maybe, it is unclear why the oxygen tank knocked on his strangeness.

that's one of the essential points in the Britney Spears is a rider golf car. It was here that the singer moves from the dressing room to the stage, apparently to save your strength for their dynamic performances.

Mariah Carey orders further separate room for your dog. As well as 200 towels, gilded bath filled with mineral water, and expensive champagne.

Surprised Robbie Williams: Artist requires a photo of the Dalai Lama, four ashtrays and bonsai. Sometimes he asks you to bring a monkey.

Interesting inquiry from eccentric Iggy Pop. In his refrigerator should always be broccoli. And this despite the fact that he can not stand her. The secret is that before a concert artist cabbage rolls, thus getting rid of all your negative emotions. Also, sometimes in his rider enters his mandatory escort from the hotel to the concert in the form of seven dwarfs to "Jaguar».

Sissy turned Kanye West. Its rider - hand sanitizer, a special lotion, facial scrub and even lip balm. His driver must wear clothes made of cotton, and Kanye prefers to drink only "Pepsi" and in any case not "Coca-Cola».

Justin Bieber of the strange requests at least 10 white T-shirts and shirts with V Neck-and as many pairs of white socks.

Surprised and Elton John, by the way, just in time for his recent concert in Moscow. Artist wished his whole room was filled with live trees and even birds!

But the great and awful Marilyn Manson calls in your room feline filler. And not for my cat, but for ...