Nov 21, 2013

Kim Kardashian: I have lost weight without surgery!

Just recently, the tabloid Life & Style published the information that Kim Kardashian has spent 80 thousand dollars on a weight loss clinic: Bride Kanye West was eager to return the figure, which had been so proud to delivery.

33-year-old Kardashian graced the cover of the magazine, and next flaunted heading "thinner deception". The author claims that Kardashian is not sitting on the Atkins diet: she went to Hollywood Epione clinic to a plastic surgeon Simon Urian. It was he who advised Kim to start with ultrasound procedures on the abdomen, and then resort to fillers of removal and post-natal stretch marks.

According to insiders, Kim is not the only celebrity patient Epione:

Kardashian and other celebrities usually go "through the back door." All of their secrets are kept closely guarded. Imagine that Kim attended a special clinic in a tracksuit and pleaded with the paparazzi to write in the photo, that, well, she was engaged in fitness, but did not do the procedure!

Karadashyan Kim was furious when she learned about the festering scandal. Yesterday it published in his Twitter extremely emotional message:

I'm tired of reading gossip about what to do surgery for weight loss! This is FALSE. I've been working on is to learn the proper nutrition. There's so much to do fitness. You can not imagine how difficult it was, but I did it myself! I'm so proud of my achievement that no one dares to lie on a plastic! Say what you will, but I'm the most disciplined person you've ever known!

Recall that a bride Kanye West criticized for being overweight throughout her pregnancy. And now she's proud to be thrown off the 25th pounds. It is no wonder that she decided to bare all in the new video groom Bound 2.

Moreover, the Kanye West Kim prohibited to resort to plastic, because his mother died at age 58. Cause of death - a bad liposuction and breast reduction.

What do you think, did Kim plastic?

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are trying to save their marriage

Fans of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, rejoice! According to Western media, celebrity couple, who announced the divorce about a month ago, intends to maintain its alliance: a model and actor went to the center, assisting in the restoration of family relationships.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom for a walk with her son Flynn

Kerr and Bloom are planning to undergo a three-day course of therapy, and at the same time and to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Recently, the couple spends a lot of time with svoiim son. Perhaps this prompted Miranda and Orlando to ask for help. According to a source, the couple is going to try to bring back former:

They realized that they have something worth fighting for.

Co-owner of the center, which enlisted the help of the stars, is also confident that relations Kerr Bloom and things will get better:

couples come here, among which was a large gap, but leave our establishment, hand in hand with the willingness to start over. I help them to become more open and heal old wounds.

Recall that Miranda and Orlando began dating in 2007. Three years later they were married relationship, and in January 2011 they had a son Flynn.

News couples divorce came as a surprise to the public. Less than a day after reports that Bloom breaks up with Kerr, the actor in an interview, instead of the expected declaration of severance of relations with the model preferred to talk about the kiss with her partner on the musical "Romeo and Juliet".

After this turn of events in the media instantly rumors spread that it was CONDOLO Rashad was the cause of divorce. In addition, earlier this week, the actors and all appeared in an embrace on the Artios Awards-2013 in New York.

Beckhams donate 20 boxes of clothing for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines

Victoria and David Beckham have decided to donate 20 boxes of their old clothes designer: so they want to help the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. The disaster, which affected more than 13 million people, took place on November 8.

Charity sale will take place tomorrow. The venue of the shares entitled "Buy something for the Philippines" will be the London Red Cross shop in Kensington.

Victoria Beckham filed a fervent appeal to all sympathetic people:

Typhoon "Haiyang" destroyed the Philippines . He killed thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of residents were left homeless. The British Red Cross is extremely meaningful charity event, which is to help all those affected. Each item in the closet there, he wore only once: a dress, a suit, a pair of shoes. So why not bring it to the store to proceeds from the sale went to help the victims of typhoon?

Victoria for the last week pondering what exactly to give assistance to the victims of typhoon was packing boxes. The same process was divided into Twitter:

So, in the very same 20 boxes, including appear, white outfits David and Victoria for the ceremony MTV VMA in 2003 and for the Venice Film Festival in 2006, more than a hundred caps David as well - a lot of pairs of shoes Victoria. The main brands - Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and Roberto Cavalli.

The way, fashion critics have long noted that David and Victoria Beckham almost always come out the light in the "twin" outfits that perfectly harmonize with each other.

Organizers of tomorrow's charity sale of celebrity couple thanked for their participation in the action.

Note that the victims of the typhoon has already supported model Naomi Campbell and Andrej Pejic.

Remember, this is not the first charity event , with the participation of the Beckhams. So, exactly a month ago, they staged a charity auction, which were selling things from his Buckingham Palace.

Behati Prinsloo in a 'hot' photo shoot for Victoria Secret

Outside, the cold, the snow is about to fall out, it's time to prepare for the new year, but it seems that for the "angels" Victoria's Secret is all irrelevant: Namibian model Behati Prinsloo and her colleague Andrea Diaconu of Romania were seen paparazzi on the island of St. Barthelemy, which hosted the new survey for the famous underwear brand.

Behati Prinsloo for Victoria Secret

Models pose for a photograph at the beach in swimsuits from the new collection of the brand, but the girls did not have a cold, because there is a tropical climate.

Prinsloo and deacons spent a whole day on the beach: the models were laughing, swam in the sea, basking in the sun, and at the same time working (I wish we all kind of work!).

the way, the sexy babe Behati found a befitting mate: soon to marry a model of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, recognized by most Sexiest Man of 2013 by the magazine People.

recall that two days ago in the same place was Malygina series Daria, which will also be presenting a new collection of swimsuits Victoria's Secret.

Behati Prinsloo for Victoria Secret

Behati Prinsloo for Victoria Secret

paparazzi: Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles?!

The little sister of Kim Kardashian and the leader of One Direction were spotted on a romantic date ...

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles

Yes, a new couple has just made its appearance in the sphere people, and no doubt if it lasts, it will undoubtedly become the new star duo Kardashian-Jenner clan, relegating Miss Kim K. Kanye West and her fiancé!

And because it is the irresistible seducer Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles! In fact, the starlet of the reality show and the singer of the band One Direction seem to have fallen for each other and have even been spotted in head-to-head last night (Wednesday 20 November) on the side of West Hollywood .

The young couple had gone to dinner at Craig's restaurant and was photographed at its output!
The top grass and giving English juan are also distributed together on the Range Rover One leader D. !

Harry, 19, who is currently in the United States with his cronies to ensure the promotion of their new album, has found a way to release some time in his busy schedule to provide a "date" with beautiful little sister of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

's ex Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne then displays a new "victim", and not least, his hunting board already so good! Hopefully this time, it will continue to do this idyll ...

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles

Britney Spears is preparing a new music video

Remember Britney Spears wanted to do some old-school video - is that a little more romance and less sex? So, it seems her wishes come true: in Lancaster, California, the singer has started filming the video for the song Perfume, and, judging from the first frames, everything in it will be ceremoniously.

First Brit and her beau (his Alexander plays a male model Kzhellevik) hug and kiss on the old gas station, then drink beer on its roof, the stars shone around, and a young man with a true sense squanders money-)

Summer on the 'whisperer': Bradley Cooper, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in Hawaii

Someone is spending the weekend for cleaning the apartment, and someone basking on the beach. Among the latter were pregnant Emily Blunt John Krasinski with her husband and their friend Bradley Cooper. News with "whisperer" shared blogger linalin.

Bradley Cooper, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in Hawaii

Paparazzi "caught" stars as they rested on the island of Honolulu. Trinity is a great time: the actors enjoyed the sun and each other's company.

Worth noting that Blunt, an interesting situation that we have learned in the early fall, looks good: her rounded tummy-to-face.

As for Cooper, then there is no comment. This hunk knows how to please his fans: The actor is in great shape and is not shy to show it.

Lady Gaga has unveiled a short film Artpop

Lady Gaga has unveiled a short film Artpop
Lady Gaga is presented to the public a short film Artpop, in which she was captured in all the outfits (some bows so hard to call it) used in photo shoots for her new album.

An hour before the premiere of the mini-masterpiece of the singer decided to tease their " monsters "and wrote in Twitter:

In the next hour I will place on the network film Artpop.

Perhaps that these 60 minutes for fans of the flamboyant artist were the longest in their lives, but the wait was worth it : Gaga give everything 100 percent (though, as always) and had created a terrific mini-picture.

In the beginning of the video the singer tells the audience:

This album - the holiday. My pain explodes in electronic music. It's hard, but after I listen to it again, I feel happy. I feel lighter.

By the way, the singer, of course, would not make something like that, so she hurried to the aid of the famous duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud.

Lady Gaga has unveiled a short film Artpop