Nov 21, 2013

Behati Prinsloo in a 'hot' photo shoot for Victoria Secret

Outside, the cold, the snow is about to fall out, it's time to prepare for the new year, but it seems that for the "angels" Victoria's Secret is all irrelevant: Namibian model Behati Prinsloo and her colleague Andrea Diaconu of Romania were seen paparazzi on the island of St. Barthelemy, which hosted the new survey for the famous underwear brand.

Behati Prinsloo for Victoria Secret

Models pose for a photograph at the beach in swimsuits from the new collection of the brand, but the girls did not have a cold, because there is a tropical climate.

Prinsloo and deacons spent a whole day on the beach: the models were laughing, swam in the sea, basking in the sun, and at the same time working (I wish we all kind of work!).

the way, the sexy babe Behati found a befitting mate: soon to marry a model of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, recognized by most Sexiest Man of 2013 by the magazine People.

recall that two days ago in the same place was Malygina series Daria, which will also be presenting a new collection of swimsuits Victoria's Secret.

Behati Prinsloo for Victoria Secret

Behati Prinsloo for Victoria Secret

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