Nov 21, 2013

Kim Kardashian: I have lost weight without surgery!

Just recently, the tabloid Life & Style published the information that Kim Kardashian has spent 80 thousand dollars on a weight loss clinic: Bride Kanye West was eager to return the figure, which had been so proud to delivery.

33-year-old Kardashian graced the cover of the magazine, and next flaunted heading "thinner deception". The author claims that Kardashian is not sitting on the Atkins diet: she went to Hollywood Epione clinic to a plastic surgeon Simon Urian. It was he who advised Kim to start with ultrasound procedures on the abdomen, and then resort to fillers of removal and post-natal stretch marks.

According to insiders, Kim is not the only celebrity patient Epione:

Kardashian and other celebrities usually go "through the back door." All of their secrets are kept closely guarded. Imagine that Kim attended a special clinic in a tracksuit and pleaded with the paparazzi to write in the photo, that, well, she was engaged in fitness, but did not do the procedure!

Karadashyan Kim was furious when she learned about the festering scandal. Yesterday it published in his Twitter extremely emotional message:

I'm tired of reading gossip about what to do surgery for weight loss! This is FALSE. I've been working on is to learn the proper nutrition. There's so much to do fitness. You can not imagine how difficult it was, but I did it myself! I'm so proud of my achievement that no one dares to lie on a plastic! Say what you will, but I'm the most disciplined person you've ever known!

Recall that a bride Kanye West criticized for being overweight throughout her pregnancy. And now she's proud to be thrown off the 25th pounds. It is no wonder that she decided to bare all in the new video groom Bound 2.

Moreover, the Kanye West Kim prohibited to resort to plastic, because his mother died at age 58. Cause of death - a bad liposuction and breast reduction.

What do you think, did Kim plastic?