Lady Gaga has unveiled a short film Artpop

Lady Gaga has unveiled a short film Artpop
Lady Gaga is presented to the public a short film Artpop, in which she was captured in all the outfits (some bows so hard to call it) used in photo shoots for her new album.

An hour before the premiere of the mini-masterpiece of the singer decided to tease their " monsters "and wrote in Twitter:

In the next hour I will place on the network film Artpop.

Perhaps that these 60 minutes for fans of the flamboyant artist were the longest in their lives, but the wait was worth it : Gaga give everything 100 percent (though, as always) and had created a terrific mini-picture.

In the beginning of the video the singer tells the audience:

This album - the holiday. My pain explodes in electronic music. It's hard, but after I listen to it again, I feel happy. I feel lighter.

By the way, the singer, of course, would not make something like that, so she hurried to the aid of the famous duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud.

Lady Gaga has unveiled a short film Artpop

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