Oct 20, 2013

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard star fever started?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

27-year-old American actress Amber Heard a scandal during the filming of the new thriller "London Fields." Star of "Machete kills" did not like the excessive attention of passers-watching it.

According to an insider, a few people on the street stopped to look at the filming process:

right during the filming of a scene she abruptly stopped and said "How can I focus on, if I have before my eyes constantly looms that guy?". After that, the staff put on a protective screen so that nothing could be seen.

Representative of the actress has not commented on the situation.

Familiar actresses believe that Amber was carried up too high just after the beginning of the novel with Johnny Depp. By the way, now he also starred in the UK - the film "In the Forest" will be released next year. Recently, in a sign of his love Johnny gave Amber diamond earrings worth 50 thousand dollars.

Recall that he broke up with Vanessa Paradis in 2012, just as in his life and there was Hurd.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

DeGeneres gave 10,000 dollars to the waitress

Ellen DeGeneres

The unexpected generosity 55-year-old TV host Ellen DeGeneres a matter of respect: she decided to write a check for 10,000 dollars waitress Sarah Hoydal. A girl with a good heart felt sorry for customers - the military - and paid for their lunch out of pocket.

Ellen, in turn, learned about everything from Facebook, because of this war have written on his page. Next it was for small: the producers invited the waitress in Hollywood.

Thus, the economic crisis in the United States makes the guards poorer caterers!

Well, due to the amount of 28 dollars now paid off at exactly 300 times. The waitress from New Hampshire, gained fame in the world press, may consider opening a restaurant.

Interestingly, in addition to a check for a tidy sum, Ellen handed Sarah also those most $ 28 in cash. And, of course, television - watching the show to DeGeneres.

Stromae : deemed 'racist', Stéphane Pauwels defended!

Gun on social networks after the singer Stromae qualified as "well integrated colored boy", Stéphane Pauwels today puts the record straight ...

Stromae deemed racist

The controversy continues to swell! Tuesday, October 15, Stéphane Pauwels has caused an outcry on social networks in the match Belgium-Wales. A few seconds after the passage of Stromae, came to sing at half-time in the middle of the King Baudouin stadium, the Belgian leader would have dropped the microphone: "This is a well-built boy super color". A comment that sparked a wave of outrage on the Internet: "Stéphane Pauwels, a poorly integrated redneck", "Pauwels, a white boy super disintegrated ..." or "How Stromae is not Belgian? We lied?"

Three days later, the debate is still relevant! On Twitter and Facebook, the presenter of 45 years wanted to speak: "The worst thing for me is having to justify myself that I'm not When I woke up this morning, I did not think at all that sentence would become so widespread. Critics should realize that throughout the show, I've only welcome this multicultural and talented generation ". Very angry, he also regrets "certain media" trying to "twist my words or about others, put them in my mouth to make me look like a racist." Recalling its commitment, he added: "It's offensive to me buzz that has always championed the cause"

Yesterday (Friday, October 18), a video was posted on the net to rectify the words that were actually required. In reality, Stéphane Pauwels is not the one through whom the controversy is truly arrived since not even uttered the famous phrase! Commenting on the end of the concert Stromae he has blurted out "This is the example of Belgium and of the Flemish national team bilingual, Francophone, colored boy. ..." Before being cut off by his partner Serge Vermeiren: "Great built ... And who succeeds and who gives a smile to the country!"

Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween

Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween

Actress Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween. This weekend, she took 3-year-old son Louis in the theme children's party in Los Angeles.

Dressed in a lace dress with a corset, a 49-year-old actress frightened passers-bleached face beyond recognition, and the boy - and bat wings skeleton outfit. As a headdress Bullock tried on black scarf with a print of a huge skull.

Obviously, Sandra has finally been able to find free time for Louis - drama "Gravity" was for her in the first place in recent months.

Recall Bullock adopted a boy in 2010. In a recent interview, she confessed:
Louis changed my whole life. And I'm willing to give him a brother or sister. I wanted to hear from a fortune-teller, "You know, you would have five children." I am happy that I now have a family. I'm not alone - we are together.
Note that the last time a couple of touching mom and son Bullock clearly competes with the tandem of Miranda Kerr and her little Flynn Bloom. Is up and loving mother Charlize Theron, and then flashed on the paparazzi shots with her son Jackson.

In any event, a grueling promotional tour "Gravity" came to an end, so that Sandra has the right to relax and to arrange a Halloween is right Now!

Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween

Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween

Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween

Sandra Bullock is celebrating Halloween

Beyonce decided to jump with a parachute

Beyonce  jump  parachute

The world tour Beyonce Mrs Carter Show continues winning streak: now the singer pleases the concerts of New Zealanders, and the next week would go to Australia.

Course, difficult for us to believe it, but the performances in front of an audience of thousands is extremely tiring. How to relieve stress and tension?

Beyonce knows the answer: you can jump with a parachute. Especially that New Zealand is famous for the love of local residents to a similar pastime.

We know that the 32-year-old singer - avid Instagram. In addition to photos of baby Blue Ivy Carter Mrs. daily imprints itself and - wherever possible.

So, following the trendy Hollywood tradition, the star instantly published a photo of a skyscraper in the social network. Happy Beyonce was clearly in anticipation of risky fun, posing with his instructor.

Photoshoot or a parachute jump - the difference in the choice of attire for Beyonce's missing. Apparently, the brave girl decided that risky leap - not a reason to look humbly: The singer was dressed in a yellow and purple colors, adding to the image of snow-white sneakers Isabel Marant, and her magnificent long hair blowing in the wind.

In the second photo Beyonce almost in flight. Obviously, it is so pleasant to fly, that she made not one, but two jump. Or maybe she just wanted to do a little more photos to Instagram - we can only guess.

According to New Zealand journalists, Beyonce was barely visible behind the guard:
It instantly changed into workwear and went to the service elevator to the top. After jumping it just as quickly went downstairs and just vanished. None of its management did not want to bother the singer annoying fans and paparazzi.
Wonder whether Beyonce has brought to the organizers of the jump a list of demands, and that in his rider at the video shoot, the details of which we have already opened
Recall that a world tour Mrs Carter Show will end on December 22 in New York.

Beyonce jump parachute

Ivanka Trump finally took the baby

Trump finally took the baby,

31-year-old model and biznesledi Ivanka Trump finally took the baby, Joseph Frederick home. Even in the hospital, she never ceased to delight us with photos in Instagram, so we already had to admire him.

After spending four days in the ward, a young mother showed great form. Tight black jeans, coat, trimmed with fur, huge sunglasses and shoes on a small heel of his own collection, namely Ivanka chose this outfit for discharge.

Kid kept up with the stylish mom - it wrapped up in a blue blanket. Note that the figure of Ivanka can only envy! Who would have believed in the fact that she gave birth a week ago?

That morning Ivanka Trump wrote on Twitter:
second time to give birth is a lot easier!
She was much rush - a girl, of course, waiting for her husband Jared Kushner and 2-year-old daughter Arabella.

Congratulations on return, Ivanka!

Ivanka Trump finally took the baby

Ivanka Trump finally took the baby

Ivanka Trump finally took the baby

Ivanka Trump finally took the baby

Ivanka Trump finally took the baby

andrei konchalovsky daughter unconscious for nearly a week after crash ( video )

14-year-old Maria Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky is not recovering from the accident. The girl is in the hospital Hôpital de la Timone in Marseille.

"She's in intensive care, still not regained consciousness, it can not be anybody. To learn the status of girls, you need to consult with her doctor," - told reporters at the hospital.

Doctors assess the patient's condition as serious. From the terrible accident Mary had to be delivered by helicopter. Parents - directed by Andrei Konchalovsky and actress Julia Vysotsky - do not depart from her daughter.

Conchita Wurst : Belarusians want to boycott the "Eurovision"

Conchita Wurst

Belarus began collecting signatures for the online petition calling to boycott the contest "Eurovision" by banning its broadcast in the country. The author of the document angered the participation in the competition transvestite singer Conchita Wurst from Austria and asked citizens to support the petition.

"Competitor at" Eurovision-2014 "from Austria, was a singer transvestite Conchita Wurst, promotes a lifestyle unacceptable to the Belarusian society," - said the author of the petition Artem Kirashev.

He is convinced that the competition, which will see children , "with the filing of the European liberals became a hotbed of sodomy." "Belarus - one of the few countries in Europe that was able to maintain normal and healthy family values ​​based on love and mutual supplement between a man and a woman" - quote Kirasheva Dni.ru.

Currently appeal to the Ministry of Information with the requirement to prohibit the showing of "Eurovision" has collected more than 800 signatures.

known that President Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly spoken out against the non-traditional sexual relations. He emphasized that "Belarusians have not yet matured to this blueness".

Recall that the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 to be held in Copenhagen.
Conchita Wurst

How Pugacheva and Galkin could pay for surrogate children

Pugacheva and Galkin surrogate children

On the Internet, it was reported that the celebrity couple Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin has laid out a lump sum in order to experience the joy of motherhood.

In Russia surrogacy is legal. The woman bears a child, the couple enters into a contract with specific terms and conditions for the care of giving birth, said Rosbalt.

By law, the surrogate mother can be a woman of 20-35 years, which has at least one own healthy baby. The couple enlisted the help of a surrogate mother, it is only with the consent of the parents of a woman who gave birth to a baby. Once parents have issued documents at the registry office, a woman in labor is not entitled to challenge motherhood.

How to write media in Russia and the registration of the contract surrogate childbearing is estimated at 30,000 dollars (15,570 lats) - plus constant medical supervision.

If twins should be born, the price increases accordingly. After simple calculations, we can assume that the birth of Harry and Lisa cost Pugacheva and Galkin not less than one hundred thousand dollars (51,900 lats).