Oct 20, 2013

DeGeneres gave 10,000 dollars to the waitress

Ellen DeGeneres

The unexpected generosity 55-year-old TV host Ellen DeGeneres a matter of respect: she decided to write a check for 10,000 dollars waitress Sarah Hoydal. A girl with a good heart felt sorry for customers - the military - and paid for their lunch out of pocket.

Ellen, in turn, learned about everything from Facebook, because of this war have written on his page. Next it was for small: the producers invited the waitress in Hollywood.

Thus, the economic crisis in the United States makes the guards poorer caterers!

Well, due to the amount of 28 dollars now paid off at exactly 300 times. The waitress from New Hampshire, gained fame in the world press, may consider opening a restaurant.

Interestingly, in addition to a check for a tidy sum, Ellen handed Sarah also those most $ 28 in cash. And, of course, television - watching the show to DeGeneres.