Oct 20, 2013

Beyonce decided to jump with a parachute

Beyonce  jump  parachute

The world tour Beyonce Mrs Carter Show continues winning streak: now the singer pleases the concerts of New Zealanders, and the next week would go to Australia.

Course, difficult for us to believe it, but the performances in front of an audience of thousands is extremely tiring. How to relieve stress and tension?

Beyonce knows the answer: you can jump with a parachute. Especially that New Zealand is famous for the love of local residents to a similar pastime.

We know that the 32-year-old singer - avid Instagram. In addition to photos of baby Blue Ivy Carter Mrs. daily imprints itself and - wherever possible.

So, following the trendy Hollywood tradition, the star instantly published a photo of a skyscraper in the social network. Happy Beyonce was clearly in anticipation of risky fun, posing with his instructor.

Photoshoot or a parachute jump - the difference in the choice of attire for Beyonce's missing. Apparently, the brave girl decided that risky leap - not a reason to look humbly: The singer was dressed in a yellow and purple colors, adding to the image of snow-white sneakers Isabel Marant, and her magnificent long hair blowing in the wind.

In the second photo Beyonce almost in flight. Obviously, it is so pleasant to fly, that she made not one, but two jump. Or maybe she just wanted to do a little more photos to Instagram - we can only guess.

According to New Zealand journalists, Beyonce was barely visible behind the guard:
It instantly changed into workwear and went to the service elevator to the top. After jumping it just as quickly went downstairs and just vanished. None of its management did not want to bother the singer annoying fans and paparazzi.
Wonder whether Beyonce has brought to the organizers of the jump a list of demands, and that in his rider at the video shoot, the details of which we have already opened
Recall that a world tour Mrs Carter Show will end on December 22 in New York.

Beyonce jump parachute