Oct 20, 2013

How Pugacheva and Galkin could pay for surrogate children

Pugacheva and Galkin surrogate children

On the Internet, it was reported that the celebrity couple Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin has laid out a lump sum in order to experience the joy of motherhood.

In Russia surrogacy is legal. The woman bears a child, the couple enters into a contract with specific terms and conditions for the care of giving birth, said Rosbalt.

By law, the surrogate mother can be a woman of 20-35 years, which has at least one own healthy baby. The couple enlisted the help of a surrogate mother, it is only with the consent of the parents of a woman who gave birth to a baby. Once parents have issued documents at the registry office, a woman in labor is not entitled to challenge motherhood.

How to write media in Russia and the registration of the contract surrogate childbearing is estimated at 30,000 dollars (15,570 lats) - plus constant medical supervision.

If twins should be born, the price increases accordingly. After simple calculations, we can assume that the birth of Harry and Lisa cost Pugacheva and Galkin not less than one hundred thousand dollars (51,900 lats).