Jul 10, 2013

Jennifer Lopez commented on the way out to the "Grammy" -2000

Jennifer Lopez was frank in an interview with one of the editions: she remembered her parents' house and violent row over his future profession, said his firm character and referred to a stunning appearance at the awards Grammy, happened almost 13 years ago.

Jay Lo childhood differed iron self and the will to win - the star, recently obtained on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, confirms this. She remembers how she sang and danced in front of a mirror, a passionate dream of becoming a professional dancer. However, her mother did not share the aspirations:

My mother and I were constantly confronted foreheads. I did not want to go to college and dreamed of dancing full-time - and we are very huge fight. I went home and slept on the couch in the dance studio, but I said, 'This is what I must do. " A few months later I found a job as a dancer in Europe, and when I came back, I was offered the role of a flying girl in the TV series "In the bright colors." I agreed and moved to Los Angeles. All this happened in god.

Dzhennifer fondly remembers her parents' house, thinking that that's where she got all the shutter speed, strength and energy needed for life. In this case, the singer told a little about the family moments that are not always pleasant: once invited her parents and sisters to his home in the Bronx to announce that they are divorcing after 33 years of marriage. But childhood memories, despite the "Spartan" conditions and constant training, remained warm:

I've been involved in sports and a lot of dancing. I was running. I am very hardy. I think I was set up to marafonov.

Vspominaya their way of life, the actress and singer, of course, could not comment on his famous appearance at the Grammy Awards in 2000 - after the sale Versace obviously grown!

We looked at several dresses, but nothing came up. The stylist said that there is another dress Versace, but it has already worn by other people. I tried on it and decided that, in any event, will go out in it. But I honestly was surprised by the reaction: when we were on stage with David Duchovny, who was one of the most famous actors in the world, he said in the hall: "No one's looking at me!" And the audience roared with laughter . I went back to his seat and asked, "What's going on?" And my friend said, "You just have to look at your photos in this dress".

Sure, Jennifer Lopez, as we are pleased to revise their photos in "the very" dress. I wonder what they think about Casper Smart? 

Lindsay Lohan: one more month in rehab?

Lindsay Lohan was invited by the center staff Cliffside Malibu to stay an additional 30 days in rehab. The woman responds very well to treatment according to Radar Online.

Lindsay Lohan is going well but the doctors would like it prolongs his stay in rehab.
The woman is currently in rehab in the hospital Cliffside Malibu. She was forced to stick to a 90-day program for American justice. The actress has signed an agreement with the prosecutor after not having contested the charges against her. Lindsay Lohan was then accused of dangerous driving and obstructing police after a car accident in June 2012 in Santa Monica, California. 

After entering the Betty Ford Centre in May, she finally changed to Cliffside Malibu. The center's team would prefer that the young woman is a little longer than expected. The cure must be completed in early August. "Lindsay is doing so well in Cliffside. It responds very well to treatment, according to a source at Radar Online. The treatment team is that Lindsay is still 30 days, because it has not yet done its 90 days Cliffside. Someone with his addictions and psychological problems requires a longer treatment and 90 days is not enough. It is in a very good state of mind, and doctors want to keep it that way. "

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27 years in rehab earlier this month. Upon its release, the young woman plans to stay discreet and should even move. But according to the website, the actress would come out quickly to get back to work. "Lindsay says he was asked to be in Venice, Italy, early August for the premiere of The Canyons, the source said. She assured the doctors that she would continue to go to AA and NA and that it would follow the 12-step program. "

In this erotic thriller directed by Paul Schrader, Lindsay Lohan starred with former adult film actor James Deen. But shooting does not appear to have been easy, and the filmmaker is unfriendly with the young woman. "Delays, whims, absences, needs, psychodrama: Lindsay feels she must feel an emotion to play, says Paul Schrader in Film Comment magazine. It leads to all sorts of emotional problems, not to mention the delays location and melodramas. "

The release date of the latest movie Lindsay Lohan has not yet been defined.

Nicole Scherzinger: the reasons for his breakup with Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger have ended his relationship with Lewis Hamilton after a furious phone call. According to Star magazine, the pilot refused to ask her to marry.

Nicole Scherzinger have broken with Lewis Hamilton because he was not ready to commit. 

The two stars began a relationship in 2008 and would put an end a few days ago. Before the news of the break is confirmed, the Formula 1 driver gave an interview saying he was "hopeful" they fianceraient "in the near future." The comment unconvinced apparently displeased Nicole Scherzinger, eager to move up a gear. "Nicole had the courage to end [their relationship]. She was frustrated that Lewis is not willing to move forward and told him that she would not wait any longer, says a source in the British magazine Star. They ended up having a big argument on the phone about his lack of enthusiasm and comment 'we may at some point in the future fiancera'. (...) Lewis told him he was in no hurry to marry. And Nicole, it was the fatal blow. She told him that if he did not commit, it would continue without him. "

Nicole Scherzinger would be culled from the break, but she is convinced that I made the right decision. The sporty 28 years would not live out this separation. "He made the mistake of underestimating how much Nicole wants to get married and become a mother, according to a close. Lewis was shocked when she plated. "

The former Pussycat Dolls is currently busy with his role as juror in the British version of The X Factor. According to the source, it would be eager to make up for lost time and find someone who will realize his dreams. 

Lewis Hamilton recently spoke break on Sky News. The driver was beaten by Sebastian Vettel at the German Grand Prix and is now in fourth place overall. "I did my best to stay positive, but I go through a really tough now time because I lost someone very important in my life. My whole world is turned upside down, has he confessed. My job is to motivate everyone. If I can head down full of negativity, it may rub off on all the mechanics who work day and night, and I do not want that to happen. I try to pull myself together and raise the head, but it is very difficult. "A call up to Nicole Scherzinger?

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler -for months without making love-

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler seemed to have left "out of the blue": they appeared together on the red carpet and is constantly featured in the lists of "sexiest couples." It is difficult not to agree: despite the abundance of love affairs Clooney in the past couple of their athlete looked really good - it seemed the actor found "his half".

But according to "informed sources", the break occurred at a very reason: the love boat smashed against the distance.

They have not had sex for months. He was in Europe, it is - in Los Angeles, and they met infrequently. Maybe some girls are perfect and they are happy just from the fact that there are with George, but not as Stacey.

, However, referred to other causes:
She knew he was not ready to marriage. Yet the thought that he could do it over. However, did not happen.

Who do you think is right - the supporters of the "theory of marriage" or followers of the "sexual reasons"?

Holidays in Ibiza continues: Vladislav Doronin and Luo Zilina

It seems Vladislav Doronin found a really serious hobby. He never for a moment to part with the model Luo Zilina. Photographers captured the pair again in Ibiza.

Possible, Naomi Campbell and intrigues the new girl of his former lover, than spoil her career, but it seems very Luo it did not bother. She carefree holiday with Doronin on his luxury yacht.

With his new passion Russian businessman having the time - has been diving or just basking in the sun. Although insiders say that the paparazzi follow the lovers as a tip-off of the Black Panthers, their is absolutely no worries. 

Diane Kruger: catastrophic presentations

The presentation of her boyfriend Joshua Jackson could not have more wrong place for Diane Kruger. The actress talked about this difficult experience in the U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

According to Diane Kruger, the first meeting between his mother and her boyfriend Joshua Jackson was a disaster. 

German actress was on American television last night and mentioned this stressful time in his personal life. The star of 36 years revealed that his mother Maria Theresa thought it would be "cute" to interview the actor in the series Fringe on his arrest for assault in 2002. 

Diane Kruger explained that presentations took place without incident until his mother so a photo of the actor taken by the police before questioning the circumstances of the incident. "I thought everything was going well and my mother said, 'oh, wait, I have something for you,' remembered the beautiful blonde on the set of Jimmy Kimmel. She goes to his office and returned with a folder of newspaper clipping collected online on Josh and his photo ID. She thought it would be cute to say 'I see you've been stopped at a hockey game. It was the fault? ' You can imagine. We were there for three days, was not spoken for two days. It was not great. "

Diane Kruger is seven years in a relationship with the actor 35 years, became famous for his role as Pacey in Dawson's Creek. During her interview, she told another American star in cracking. When she was a teenager, she was crazy about Don Johnson, actor son of two in Miami, and admits that even today, the star of 63 years makes everything. "I admit that when I was young, I had a crush on Don Johnson and this is always the case, says Diane Kruger blushing. Not because of Miami Vice, as you might imagine, but he made an album you may know. I do not really remember that one song because it is on this that I gave my first kiss at age 13 at the campsite where we spent our holidays. [The first time I saw him], I started to cry. "

The star Shah Rukh Khan denies wanted to know the sex of her baby

The Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan has officially announced the birth of her son in late May by a surrogate mother and denied rumors about the use of his marriage to an illegal ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby.

Shah Rukh Khan

In a statement released Tuesday night, "King Khan" and nicknamed the Indian media, announced that he and his wife, Gauri, were so far remained silent on the subject because of their "emotional distress" related birth premature child, named Abram, several months ahead of schedule. 

"Just to set the record straight, there is no test to determine the sex of our child," said the The actor, 47 years old, indicating that their baby was born before the rumors reported by the press, fond of actions of "people" of Bollywood. 

The Mumbai city announced this week last have received confirmation that a boy was born May 27 in a hospital in India's economic and financial capital. The couple Khan already has two teenagers, a girl and a boy. 

In June, rumors had circulated in the press expected a boy at the Khan torque birth, raising doubts about the use an ultrasound determine the sex of the baby.
After reading these articles, the Indian Association of Medical Imaging and Radiology wrote a letter to health authorities to request an investigation.

India bans prenatal ultrasounds due to the overwhelming preference of couples for boys. Feticide of girls led to a strong imbalance between the sexes.
In this conservative society, the girl is often a financial burden for parents forced to pay a dowry to the husband's family upon marriage. The boy, however, is valued because it brings a dowry to her family during her marriage and because of its important role in the Hindu cremation ceremonies. 

The actor also confirmed the use of surrogate 

"The process is in its entirety subject to strict confidentiality. We ask you to allow us to cherish this private moment in our family.", he said in the statement.

Khan ("Om Shanti Om", "My name is Khan", "Until my last breath") appeared last year at the forefront of fortunes made famous by Forbes India, with annual revenues estimated at $ 37.7 million (29 million euros).

May the force be with you: Barack Obama decorates George Lucas

Barack Obama Wednesday decorated several personalities from the world of arts and entertainment, including the creator of the cult film "Star Wars" ("Star Wars") George Lucas, which he praised the ideas and quality of special effects.

U.S. President Barack Obama and director George Lucas

The musician Herb Alpert, the R & B legend Allen Toussaint, author Joan Didion and sports journalist Frank Deford among others have received the National Medal of Arts and Letters at a ceremony in Washington, where President particularly highlighted George Lucas. 

Barack Obama is somewhat out of his text when he praised the director, recalling that he had managed to "give the illusion that the ships really flying in the space ". 

" I remember the first time I saw Star Wars + + ... A whole generation of people think that special effects have always looked like what they are now, " joked the U.S. leader, causing some smiles in the audience.
"But then, you could still see the strings attached to models of ships ... But I digress ..." s is he still remembered. 

During the ceremony, Obama also gave other decorations personalities from the entertainment world, as the dancer Joan Myers Brown and singer Renee Fleming. Painters, artists, poets, photographers and writers were also rewarded 

Barack Obama seems to be a fan of "Star Wars," whose seventh episode is expected in the coming months:. "I know conventional wisdom in Washington said that (...) I should try to apply the method of mental Jedi + + these people to convince them, "he had joked and early March, referring to the heroes of the universe 

George Lucas, to describe his own inability to persuade congressional Republicans to give the budget.

Everly Tatum: under the protection of mothers and fathers Jenna Channing

While Channing Tatum has to vanish on the set, his wife Jenna takes care of their newborn daughter Everleigh. And, thanks to the efforts of the paparazzi, we have seen a short walk from the carotid actress daughter.

Baby, just hitting the hands of his beloved mother, began to "nod" and angry frown - yet for Everly, apparently , sound sleep more new experiences.

However, my mother did not insist on a walk and had put the girl to sleep. Especially since day ago Everly survived the flight from Los Angeles to Montreal, where now temporarily staying with family Tatum. However, at the airport girl was holding dad Channing, who hid his daughter from the paparazzi in a sling and covered her with a light scarf. 

Katie Holmes and Suri: New York - Hampton - New York

Katie Holmes and Suri in New York

Spending most of his childhood under the gun lens paparazzi, Suri Cruise has once again become the hero of the chronicles. Remarkably, the older Suri - the more attention is paid to its members, not its star mom Katie Holmes.

At this time, the young woman of fashion (and a big fan of pink) was seen in the company of my mother and girlfriend at the output from the hotel. As noted by the paparazzi themselves, the girl was in a bad mood and was not at all crowded around her happy photographers. Perhaps Suri just did not want to go back to New York after a lovely weekend in the Hamptons.

Together with her mother, grandmother and all with the same girlfriend Suri went to a heavenly place on Long Island, where had fun at the pool and on the beach - of course, under the scrutiny of tabloid photographers.