Aug 1, 2014

Laura Jugelia married Mike Yurchuk

Laura Jugelia married Mike Yurchuk

Today secular journalist Laura Jugelia married businessman Mike Yurchuk - couple undersigned in a Moscow registry offices. The bride wore a dress of authorship Svetlana Tegin. Jugelia evening had a party at an Italian restaurant, and the next year they will celebrate the wedding with Mike in full swing.

Note that YURCHUK Jugelia and started dating a couple of years ago, and before that fast friends. Russian glossy magazines called them "one of the brightest pairs capital."

Weddings and engagements

Weddings and engagements

Valentin Belkevich: died a former captain of Kiev 'Dynamo'

It was learned that today at age 41, died Valentin Belkevich - famous footballer of Kiev "Dynamo" and national team of Belarus. Tragic news, published on the official website of the team, we transmits blogger fill.

Cause of death sporstmena became ragged clot.

Belkevich considered one of the best players in the Ukrainian football. In Kiev team he joined in 1996 from Minsk "Dynamo", where he played for 11 years. At home football four times won the championship of Belarus and twice won the domestic cup.

In recent years Belkevich coached youth and junior teams in the system of Kiev "Dynamo".

In 2004, Valentin married by singer Anna Sedokova, soloist of group "VIA Gra", but their marriage ended in divorce less than two years. They have a nine year old daughter Alina.

Anna Sedokova and Valentin Belkevich

Stomps not a child: Julia Roberts on the show Jimmy Fallon

July 31 46-year-old Julia Roberts hit the air The Tonight Show. Movie star not only spoke about the recently released HBO "Normal Heart", where she played a major role, but also fought the permanent host TV show Jimmy Fallon in a new game Face Balls.

Heartily rejoice not only Jimmy Julia , but also the audience. The essence of the game is to throw as much as possible more successful large inflatable transparent ball in the face of an opponent. Lucky Shot is estimated by "squeezing the nose as possible funnier." Probably sounds (and looks, what could dissemble) stupid. But it's really fun. Just look at the frightened faces flattened wisecracking-presenter and 16X nominee for the award "Emmy"!

Recall premiere channel HBO "Normal Heart" by Larry Kramer's autobiographical novel with Roberts starring in May. Exit drama on DVD and Blu-ray expected in late August.

As far as individual goals and we'll just have to show respect to the ability of the actress is not afraid to look ridiculous and the ability to laugh at himself along with others.

Orlando Bloom rested with the ex-wife of alleged lover Kerr

Orlando Bloom is now resting in Ibiza with friends, including Eric Packer - ex-wife of Australian billionaire James Packer, who is credited with a novel model Miranda Kerr.

Paparazzi photographed 37-year-old actor on the yacht during embrace with Packer as well as outside the restaurant Cipriani. Bloom was dressed in a white T-shirt, red shorts and sunglasses. According to sources, previously seen together as a couple in New York.

Thus, Orlando comes after a recent altercation with Justin Bieber all the same Ibiza. According to rumors, the fight occurred because men star Miranda Kerr. According to insiders, the singer made friends with the model after the show Victoria's Secret in 2012.

How did she react to scandal Miranda? A source close to the model, admitted:

Miranda vacationing in Spain with his family. She wants this story quickly forgotten, and it is extremely confused by all that has happened.

Recall after a quarrel with Justin Bloom posted in Instagram photos, which allegedly Orlando crying.

Orlando Bloom and Eric Packer

Orlando Bloom and Eric Packer