Aug 1, 2014

Stomps not a child: Julia Roberts on the show Jimmy Fallon

July 31 46-year-old Julia Roberts hit the air The Tonight Show. Movie star not only spoke about the recently released HBO "Normal Heart", where she played a major role, but also fought the permanent host TV show Jimmy Fallon in a new game Face Balls.

Heartily rejoice not only Jimmy Julia , but also the audience. The essence of the game is to throw as much as possible more successful large inflatable transparent ball in the face of an opponent. Lucky Shot is estimated by "squeezing the nose as possible funnier." Probably sounds (and looks, what could dissemble) stupid. But it's really fun. Just look at the frightened faces flattened wisecracking-presenter and 16X nominee for the award "Emmy"!

Recall premiere channel HBO "Normal Heart" by Larry Kramer's autobiographical novel with Roberts starring in May. Exit drama on DVD and Blu-ray expected in late August.

As far as individual goals and we'll just have to show respect to the ability of the actress is not afraid to look ridiculous and the ability to laugh at himself along with others.