Aug 1, 2014

Orlando Bloom rested with the ex-wife of alleged lover Kerr

Orlando Bloom is now resting in Ibiza with friends, including Eric Packer - ex-wife of Australian billionaire James Packer, who is credited with a novel model Miranda Kerr.

Paparazzi photographed 37-year-old actor on the yacht during embrace with Packer as well as outside the restaurant Cipriani. Bloom was dressed in a white T-shirt, red shorts and sunglasses. According to sources, previously seen together as a couple in New York.

Thus, Orlando comes after a recent altercation with Justin Bieber all the same Ibiza. According to rumors, the fight occurred because men star Miranda Kerr. According to insiders, the singer made friends with the model after the show Victoria's Secret in 2012.

How did she react to scandal Miranda? A source close to the model, admitted:

Miranda vacationing in Spain with his family. She wants this story quickly forgotten, and it is extremely confused by all that has happened.

Recall after a quarrel with Justin Bloom posted in Instagram photos, which allegedly Orlando crying.

Orlando Bloom and Eric Packer

Orlando Bloom and Eric Packer