Mar 19, 2014

Singer Timati became a father

We had a daughter who was named Alice. "That's my turn came) 4kg / 53cm / Alice" - wrote in the artist "Instagrame." It turned out that his girlfriend, model Alena Shishkov bore crumb abroad in the Dominican Republic. The fact that the girl is pregnant, no one knew. She hid his position and did not publish photos with a big belly.

Singer Timati became a father

The fact that pregnancy and childbirth "StarHitu" confirmed each Timati Pasha. He said that Allen gave the little girl lives day on March 19. Young mother feels great, birth went well, and Timati was there all the time and the first took her daughter in her arms. He chose the name for the newborn.

Note that Alena Shishkova Timati found in almost two years. After breaking up with his beauty Mila Volchak Timati seen first with a student MGIMO Angelina Bashkin, but the novel was short-lived. Then place in the heart of the singer took the 21-year-old Shishkov. About her know that she hails from Tyumen and has experience in beauty pageants. Thus, the "Miss Russia-2012" it became the second runner-up. On account of the set of model Alena shooting, including very provocative, in the nude. But it is Timati apparently does not bother, because it is Alain Shishkov he chose as the mother of his child. The fact whether the couple registered their relationship official, nothing is yet known.

Photographic evidence! Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel cuddle in Paris

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel cuddle in Paris

To date, neither an endorsement nor a denial of their relationship, but this picture proves that Heidi Klum, 40, and Vito Schnabel, 27, hold hands. Tight embrace, holding hands and deeply in love now they strolled through Paris.

Emily Blunt appeared in public for the first time after the birth of daughter

Emily Blunt appeared in public for the first time after the birth of daughter

Emily Blunt became a mother for the first time in mid-February. A month after the happy event, the paparazzi caught the actress and her husband John Krasinski on the streets of Los Angeles. Offer to evaluate the first exit on the celebrity audience after the birth of daughter.

To walk on sunny city Emily chose comfortable jeans and a loose shirt Skinny light blue tint. The image of the star glasses completed and open sandals without heel.

Note that, judging by the fresh pictures, pregnancy is not reflected in the figure Blunt. Agree, there is no hint scored the first nine months extra pounds.

Consider the photo-reporters and waiting for the first shots of the star's daughter Hazel.

Emily Blunt

Kylie Minogue has unveiled a new video for the song Sexercize

Kylie Minogue today unveiled their new video for the track Sexercize. The song became the second official single from the new album, the eminent Australian Kiss Me Once: his presentation took place a week ago.

Above video clip, sponsored by Will Davidson, the singer and her team have been working in London.

Place Shooting began gym where Minogue and several dancers move in uncomplicated sexual body white.

recall that just over a month ago, fans of the pop diva has been able to assess the video for the song Into The Blue, which became the first single.

Leonid Agutin & involved in an accident before the concert

Leonid Agutin and involved in an accident before the concert

Leonid Agutin & had an accident in Prokopevsk Kemerovo region, where artists came with a concert from Barnaul. However, artists have refused hospitalization and after a medical examination "ambulance" on another car went to the hotel. ITAR-TASS reported in the management culture of the city.

The accident occurred on Tuesday near the train station Prokopyevsk. In the car Mercedes-Benz, which drove Agutin Varum crashed Nissan. According to preliminary information, the accident could be the culprit driver of the Japanese brand, which lost control, drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a Mercedes-Benz. On this fact being tested established circumstances of the incident.

Despite the accident, the concert took place. However, the audience was not released until Leonid Agutin. Before the performance, he explained that the accident occurred, and Angelika Varum feels unwell.

Photos from the concert Agutin
Photos from the concert Agutin posted on his "Facebook"

Tatiana Navka showed grown-up daughter

On one of the last shoots Olympic champion Tatyana Navka came not one, but in the company of his 14-year-old daughter Sasha. After breaking off relations with the girl's father and his coach Alexander Zhulin Tatiana Sasha brings one.

Photos Tatiana published on his page on the social network. Fans noted that Sasha - a real beauty, but it looks like more than a mother, and his father, from Tatiana Sasha got a hair color.

Paparazzi: Isla Fisher suddenly has a mega-baby belly!

Yikes, how could the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen to keep secret her pregnancy for so long? Suddenly Isla Fisher shows with a mega-baby belly. Expect the actress with husband Sacha about the third child after the daughters Olivie and Elula?

It seems at least as in the pictures, the Isla now on the set of her new movie show "Visions." Under the gray shirt actress spans a huge baby ball! The sight to Isla can only stand about to give birth. If it were not also recordings were, where they seemingly cramped "holds" her belly. Aha, that's just a dummy! Isla seems therefore to slip in her new movie in the role of a pregnant woman. Photos of the past few weeks show that the Scottish-Australian actress in truth has a pretty flat stomach!

No wonder Isla had even after the births of her daughters also decreased a lot and with fellow actress Kirsten Dunst trained hard the body. With a third child it will probably First nothing.

Isla Fisher suddenly has a mega-baby belly

Where is Scarlett Johansson baby bump?

Scarlett Johansson has developed into a true champion when it comes to fuel the speculation about her pregnancy. Because after she skipped the Academy Awards, and shone with distinct curves on the abdomen during a film premiere, Hollywood itself was actually quite certain: This woman is expecting a baby! But on the red carpet saw Scarlett now again for a surprise, because of the small ball at the midriff was suddenly no trace.

At the premiere of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Scarlett in Paris strutted in a red suit on the same color carpet and beamed it up to his ears. But the grin of the actress was the curious glances but do not distract from her stomach, because the photographer wanted to discover new curves. But they were not to recognize because under the silk top was the baby ball completely hidden. The upper part fell loosely over Scarlett's body and gave it the impression that the movie star was not at all in other circumstances.

But a sudden erflachter belly is probably not the reason for the seemingly non-existent pregnancy, because much more has Scarlett owe the re guesswork probably her skillful styling. Soon, however, can not even hide a loose top Scarlett's baby luck, and so it is only a matter of time until her belly, the actress finally outed as expectant mom!

Snow White! Has Sabia their teeth cleaned spring?

Sabia Boulahrouz

After the heavy blow to the miscarriage of her little daughter in early December for better times Sabia Boulahrouz and Rafael van der Vaart seem now to break again. Just recently, Sabia told in an interview, how happy she is with her life at the side of Rafael. How lucky, you could see this weekend in her face as she stood on the rostrum of Hamburger SV.

Clearly resolved pursued Sabia the Bundesliga game of their loved ones and beaming all over his face. But that was not the only thing that shone: Your snow-white teeth were not to be overlooked! Earlier this year it was reported over a beauty intervention of the actor's wife. Because they absolutely did not like her teeth, she had can be adapted facings.

Maybe these were just polished up again and therefore appear only in brilliant white. But not only her teeth hübschte Sabia: Your otherwise dark brown hair she wears now in a warm caramel color. With this great look for spring so come!

Sabia Boulahrouz and Rafael van der Vaart

Miley Cyrus tour bus was burned

On Monday evening, Miley Cyrus tour bus was burned down. The incident occurred on the way from Houston to New Orleans, where Miley had to make a show Bangerz. The singer until recently did not know about the incident.

The bus were mom Tish star and her 14-year-old sister Noah, which shared many shots in the net. Just note that no one was hurt, although burned all things.

Source E! argues that the reason of ignition - tire exploded:
bus caught fire, then the whole bus erupted. Everyone was able to get out of the bus and no one was hurt. Things destroyed, Noah and Tish have literally not a single pair of shoes.
Miley has already arrived in New Orleans and was photographed in a karaoke bar, judging by the carefree mind, she was not aware of the incident.

Noah Cyrus, in turn, posted a couple of videos of fire on Tuesday morning and wrote:
Our bus was destroyed! Thank God that we are saved.
Thus, all members of the family Miley Cyrus has got to New Orleans and do everything possible to quickly settle in a new tour bus and get all the necessary things.

Miley Cyrus and mom Tish
Miley Cyrus and mom Tish

Courtney Love has found the missing Malaysian "Boeing"

Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love says she found the missing Malaysian "Boeing". His hypothesis star reinforced photograph aircraft and an oil slick near. 

On Monday, Love said about the discovery on Facebook, upload pictures of ocean satellite with arrows and the comment:
I'm no expert, but if you look closely, it looks like a plane, and an oil slick near.
At the time of writing news post Courtney layknuli thirteen thousand and thirty empathize Internet users.

Recall aircraft Boeing 777 on Malaysia Airlines flight 370 followed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board disappeared from radar and night on March 8. Initial searches were held in the South China Sea, where the latter signals were recorded. But they have not brought results. Then, their territory was greatly expanded.

March 15 it was announced that the Malaysian authorities are considering hijacking version, which may be involved in the pilots and the liner.

So now Malaysian "Boeing" searching for 26 countries.

missing Malaysian

Kylie Minogue on the pages of British magazine Stylist

Kylie Minogue on the pages of British magazine Stylist

Kylie Minogue pictures of the latest issue of the British magazine Stylist.

It is no wonder that this is the singer graced the cover of the March issue of publication, because a week ago star unveiled their new album Kiss Me Once, which is now the 12th in a row in the Australian discography.

Author bright and dynamic picture made Ellen von Unwerth.