Mar 19, 2014

Paparazzi: Isla Fisher suddenly has a mega-baby belly!

Yikes, how could the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen to keep secret her pregnancy for so long? Suddenly Isla Fisher shows with a mega-baby belly. Expect the actress with husband Sacha about the third child after the daughters Olivie and Elula?

It seems at least as in the pictures, the Isla now on the set of her new movie show "Visions." Under the gray shirt actress spans a huge baby ball! The sight to Isla can only stand about to give birth. If it were not also recordings were, where they seemingly cramped "holds" her belly. Aha, that's just a dummy! Isla seems therefore to slip in her new movie in the role of a pregnant woman. Photos of the past few weeks show that the Scottish-Australian actress in truth has a pretty flat stomach!

No wonder Isla had even after the births of her daughters also decreased a lot and with fellow actress Kirsten Dunst trained hard the body. With a third child it will probably First nothing.

Isla Fisher suddenly has a mega-baby belly