Leonid Agutin & involved in an accident before the concert

Leonid Agutin and involved in an accident before the concert

Leonid Agutin & had an accident in Prokopevsk Kemerovo region, where artists came with a concert from Barnaul. However, artists have refused hospitalization and after a medical examination "ambulance" on another car went to the hotel. ITAR-TASS reported in the management culture of the city.

The accident occurred on Tuesday near the train station Prokopyevsk. In the car Mercedes-Benz, which drove Agutin Varum crashed Nissan. According to preliminary information, the accident could be the culprit driver of the Japanese brand, which lost control, drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a Mercedes-Benz. On this fact being tested established circumstances of the incident.

Despite the accident, the concert took place. However, the audience was not released until Leonid Agutin. Before the performance, he explained that the accident occurred, and Angelika Varum feels unwell.

Photos from the concert Agutin
Photos from the concert Agutin posted on his "Facebook"

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