Mar 6, 2014

Extremely transformation: This is American Idol Ryan as a girl!

American Idol Ryan

Ryan Plug made it to under the last nearly two dozen candidates who can put on Cuba to showcase their talents at American Idol.

 Although the budding singer comes despite its eye-catching exterior super in character with their colleagues as well as the jury, but vocally it gives significantly better. In the upcoming episode you will be given the last chance to prove himself. Can they convince a girl now more than as a former "boy"? Visually, at least, the self-proclaimed "Boy fagot" laid a strong conversion!

What (now known as Lorielle London, 30) obviously was with Lorenzo ten years ago, no problem, especially Dieter Bohlen is now a thorn in the flesh: a candidate who can be identified sexually indeed, but with regard to appearance and behavior bears traces of the opposite sex. Rather than evaluate the voice itself, it beats down on the cheesy decision to give himself as a man or woman. To remain still in the race, Ryan is the demand for and are much more womanly than before: the hairs are longer, the beard is gone and the approach is much more revealing clothes and provocative. The pink bandeau top to emphasize the newly discovered feminine side.

New Song: Jennifer Lopez '"I Luh Ya PaPi" Summer Hit 2014?

The brand new song by Jennifer Lopez definitely has summer hit potential. Having just completed only work on the new World Cup song with rapper Pitbull Latin-Lady a new track brings out again.

"I Luh Ya PaPi" is the new song of Power woman. That does not sound very witty at, it is not. But a summer hit will indeed usually not thought-provoking, but to the listener simply take time out from everyday life. La Lopez raps, like once with "Jenny from the Block" and shows its tough side, hot rhythmic Latin sounds in vain, but you can find plenty of chart-ready, pop beats that hammer in your ear. After the collaboration with Pitbull already arrived mighty good, they also won the for this again the support of a rapper in the form of French Montana The cover of the single mediated by the way exactly the impression one gets when listening to the song: J. Lo in a white mini dress on a luxury yacht surrounded by turquoise water - because you need almost no sea ...

It became known who will replace Anastasia Makeeva in 'Chicago'

As exclusively learned "StarHitu" Anastasia Makeeva in the musical "Chicago" replaced actress Natalia Bystrova. On the eve of Anastasia Makeev, October stretch plays a role of Roxie Hart, wrote a letter of resignation. Bystrov well known to the public the main roles in musicals MAMMA MIA!, «The Little Mermaid" and other productions. She has extensive experience in musical productions, so we can assume that the input to the role of Roxie Natalia will be successful.

But the main event today will be a kind of return to the musical Philip Kirkorov. He will be on stage for the first time in that version of the legendary Broadway production. However, the role of lawyer Billy Flynn, he first played for more than ten years ago, when first produced this musical shows in Russia. Then the role of Roxie Hart went to Anastasia Stotsky.

Kirkorov previously admitted that he is looking forward to the day when he will come on stage and with the audience to plunge into the atmosphere of a criminal "Chicago," the era of jazz, Prohibition, noisy parties and crimes of passion. Kirkorov gathered to hear many of his colleagues in show business: Julia Savicheva. Garik Kharlamov with Christine Asmus, Roman Emelyanov and others.

Anastasia Makeeva

Heidi Klum appeared in Vanity Fair party with Vito Schnabel

Apparently, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are not the only celebrities who do not hide their relationship. Newly couple Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel also do mystery of his novel. Past after the ceremony "Oscar" after-party Vanity Fair in a nightclub 1OAK 40-year-old supermodel visited along with a new lover.

According to the source, celebrities were literally inseparable that night. Heidi and Vito fun, lots of dancing, hugging and kissing in front of the crowd. Lovers left the party together, got into the car and fled in an unknown direction.

Recall Klum and her ex-boyfriend bodyguard Martin Kristen broke in late January, and a month later after rumors of a romance supermodel and 27-year-old art dealer. In the past, Schnabel credited relationship with Demi Moore and Elle Macpherson.

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel

Paparazzi: Pink for a walk with her daughter and husband

Despite the busy schedule, Pink always finds time to be with my family. So, after a stunning performance at the "Oscars" singer decided to take a day off and spend the day with a two-year daughter Willow and her husband Carey Hart.

Paparazzi caught the famous family on the walk to Venice Beach. Judging by the photo report Pink haunted important business star did not let go cell phone.

For daytime physical exercise singer chose a dress with an abstract print and a long-sleeved pink and comfortable sandals. Image of celebrity sunglasses complemented and massive necklace.

Admire pictures of a happy family and plan to walk outdoors next weekend.