Mar 6, 2014

Extremely transformation: This is American Idol Ryan as a girl!

American Idol Ryan

Ryan Plug made it to under the last nearly two dozen candidates who can put on Cuba to showcase their talents at American Idol.

 Although the budding singer comes despite its eye-catching exterior super in character with their colleagues as well as the jury, but vocally it gives significantly better. In the upcoming episode you will be given the last chance to prove himself. Can they convince a girl now more than as a former "boy"? Visually, at least, the self-proclaimed "Boy fagot" laid a strong conversion!

What (now known as Lorielle London, 30) obviously was with Lorenzo ten years ago, no problem, especially Dieter Bohlen is now a thorn in the flesh: a candidate who can be identified sexually indeed, but with regard to appearance and behavior bears traces of the opposite sex. Rather than evaluate the voice itself, it beats down on the cheesy decision to give himself as a man or woman. To remain still in the race, Ryan is the demand for and are much more womanly than before: the hairs are longer, the beard is gone and the approach is much more revealing clothes and provocative. The pink bandeau top to emphasize the newly discovered feminine side.