Mar 6, 2014

New Song: Jennifer Lopez '"I Luh Ya PaPi" Summer Hit 2014?

The brand new song by Jennifer Lopez definitely has summer hit potential. Having just completed only work on the new World Cup song with rapper Pitbull Latin-Lady a new track brings out again.

"I Luh Ya PaPi" is the new song of Power woman. That does not sound very witty at, it is not. But a summer hit will indeed usually not thought-provoking, but to the listener simply take time out from everyday life. La Lopez raps, like once with "Jenny from the Block" and shows its tough side, hot rhythmic Latin sounds in vain, but you can find plenty of chart-ready, pop beats that hammer in your ear. After the collaboration with Pitbull already arrived mighty good, they also won the for this again the support of a rapper in the form of French Montana The cover of the single mediated by the way exactly the impression one gets when listening to the song: J. Lo in a white mini dress on a luxury yacht surrounded by turquoise water - because you need almost no sea ...