Feb 21, 2014

Mariah Carey's marriage is about to end

Mariah Carey's marriage is about to end

To please her husband Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey threw on Valentine's Day in edible candy underwear and lay down, dusted with glitter powder in a tub full of balloons. All signs pointed to pink-red mood in the home Carey / Cannon, but this is absolutely not true. For between the pair undergoes a crisis probably huge!

A friend of the couple grabbed from now against the National Enquirer and revealed in how it is put to the couple's relationship. For some time complaining Mariah that they often did not know where Nick is staying because he was mostly in Los Angeles, while located with the two children in New York.
But whether these rumors really agree , may be doubted. Finally, both Stars Posts were very enamored Valentin photos and Nick gave his wife a fat diamond necklace that would probably give away little man, when his relationship at the end would be.

andice Sveynpol advertising fashion brand

andice Sveynpol advertising fashion brand

Candice Sveynpol lately increasingly pleases fans of fashion photo shoots. So, we recently evaluated the supermodel in the campaign flavor Victoria's Secret Bombshells in Bloom, and now we can see the girl in the promo shooting the new winter collection of Brazilian brand Forum.

Brand specializes in clothing made of denim, so the new work Candice tried on jeans, shorts, jackets and skirts. Short things emphasized leg length "angel" and loose sweater played on the contrast with the fragility and feminine model.

Company Sveynpol male model on the court was Jonathan Frank. Evaluate new job Candice and once again admire the beauty of the girl.

Make yourself at home: Prince Harry gave Cressida Bonas access to the palace

Recent months there have been rumors that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas about to part. According to new reports, these rumors are far from the truth. According to a source, the couple is all well and the break and not talking. If you believe the insider relationship lovers are so close that even the grandson of Queen Elizabeth gave her friend free access to Kensington Palace, where he now resides.

Rumored Cressida became more and more time to spend in the royal residence, and the last few weeks remained in the palace at night. Prince Harry thought that the girl in the stands to make lists of important guests of the building and notify security to Bonas smoothly passed to his home not only in his presence, but one. So now Cressida may at any time of the day or night to get to the castle.

As for talk about parting couples, then, as an anonymous source says, the lovers was a difficult period of relations, but now things will get better.

Before Christmas Cressida was in turmoil. It is very "pressed" talk about how they are going to get married to Harry or not. Media and then discuss what will these relationships, and whether they have a future. In the end, she broke down and refused to spend one weekend in Sandringemskom palace, where the royal family gathered. Instead Bonas went to Necker Island to be with my cousin Isabella. When this "nosed" the press, there were conversations about breaking Harry and Cressida.

Insider stresses that Prince Harry did not put pressure on the beloved and gave her to understand. Now, when the monarch Bonas provided free access to the palace, she may feel a full member of the family. Recall Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas meet summer 2012.

Prince Harry gave Cressida Bonas free access to the palace
Prince Harry gave Cressida Bonas free access to the palace
Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas started dating in the summer of 2012
Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas started dating in the summer of 2012
Cressida Bonas

Lupita Nyong'o a romance with Jared Leto: heard we separated Miley Cyrus

Lupita Nyong'o a romance with Jared Leto:

Lyupite Nyong'o and then novels credited with Hollywood celebrities. So, first it was rumored that Brad Pitt is in love with the star of "12 years of slavery," and then there were rumors about the affair with actress Jared Leto. Lupita came on the eve of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and TV presenter asked the guests to comment on rumors.

Nyong'o humorously treated the issue and joked in response to it:

Jared Are we still together? I thought we already separated Miley Cyrus. This seems to be the last thing I heard.

Explain that the actress meant predpolgaemye relations star "Dallas Buyers Club" and the singer wrote about all the tabloids. Well, apparently, Lupita follow the news and keep abreast of the latest "event".

Necessary to pay tribute to a great sense of humor and ability to deftly celebrities get out of any situation.

Lupita Nyong'o a romance with Jared Leto:

Sabrina Sato jokes about fantasy festival: 'I liked it so much that I slept well'

Sabrina Sato attracted all the attention of the Ball of Vogue with her fancy pink panther. The presenter used his Instagram, Friday, 21, to play on the outfit. "Enjoyed both be pink panther I slept well ..." he wrote.

She and her stylist, Yan Acioli, created the look with Triya overalls, headgear and tail Walério Araujo and Fernando Pires sandal. The pieces were embroidered by stylist Patricia Bonaldi and jewelry designer Carla Amorim are from and H.Stern.

".. carnival I love, love coming fantasized Each time you have a ball that I'm already thinking about how I'll come dressed was a surprise to him (John Vincent de Castro)," Sabrina said - that probed won a girlfriend, the host Adriane Galisteu, during the party.

Famous Ukrainians as Mila Kunis send their messages of support to the people of Ukraine

Moortos and hundreds of wounded and a country in mourning. The climate of war that dominates Kiev and other cities of Ukraine seems to have no end date to. The violence is explicit in clashes between anti-government and police in the capital. Among the dead there are civilians, protesters and police.
In social networks, artists Ukrainian descent who has shown their concern about the war in the country. The actress Mila Kunis (Black Swan, Ted) is one of them.

Born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union), Milena Kunis Markovna moved with his family to Los Angeles at the age of seven

Christina Aguilera is pregnant by Matt Rattler

Christina Aguilera is pregnant by Matt Rattler

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler just announced their engagement, but, as reported by the press, it's not the only reason to congratulate the loving couple. A source close to the singer confirmed that Christina is pregnant.

33-year-old Aguilera become a mother for the second time: she has a son from her ex-husband Max Jordan Bretmana. Now the boy six years.

If the singer really is pregnant, the period of pregnancy, obviously still small, because the figure is not yet possible to make a star draw any conclusions about the future replenishment.

Recall that Matt Christine met in 2010 in the movie "Burlesque." Marriage proposal she received last week, on Valentine's Day.

Congratulations prospective parents and waiting for an official confirmation of the news!

Kim Kardashian told the truth about silicone buttocks

Kim Kardashian told the truth about silicone buttocks

American telediva Kim Kardashian decided to break the silence and spoke candidly about why her buttocks look so unnaturally large. Reality TV star emphatically rejected any insinuation on insert silicone implants. According to Kim, back at it all extremely positive, and as for the volume, then for them is to thank (or on the contrary, blame) her recent pregnancy.

Kim Kardashia silicone buttocks

«All these stupid tabloids compare my figure before birth and after - complains Kardashia to "tweet" - Wake up! Then I was 7 pounds thinner than it is now. And while that I still have to cope with a few kilos. 
Kim Kardashia silicone buttocks

All who have small children know how difficult to lose weight. Especially if it is his "leftovers." And that figure is changed irrevocably after childbirth. You should be ashamed of what you are laughing at my figure and over my attempts to lose weight. I never enter in your "skinny standards." And yes: I lost a lot of pounds and I'm proud that I was able to achieve this. Do not create complexes in young girls ». 

Kim Kardashia silicone buttocks

Note that in their eternal struggle for the ideal appearance Kim Kardashia sometimes bear the irreparable loss. For example, shortly after the birth of her daughter sitting on the North rigid diet, telediva almost lost hair. Her once luxurious mane became clear sparkle balding. According to experts, it comes from the lack of food and because Kim abuses capacity: under the weight of their artificial strands become simply fall off.

Alexei Panin again scandal

Alexei Panin often appears in the media. Unfortunately, the reason for its popularity is not only the fact that he has played many prominent roles, but that is often the instigator Panin scandals. Recently actor again "distinguished". It is learned that in Kazakhstan, Kokshetau, actor drank right before going on stage. Panin colleagues decided to start the show without him, but Panin came staggered on stage and said that the play will continue. When the audience realized that the actor drunk, they started to leave the room. The premiere was disrupted, and Panin was drawn up at the police station.

Katy Perry, Rita Ora and other guests at dinner fashion house Moschino

New collection of Moschino Fall-Winter 2014 at Fashion Week in Milan was a great success, so guide the fashion house has decided that such an important event certainly worth noting.

Last night in the lenses of photographers were Katy Perry, Rita Ora and other celebrities who have been guests of the dinner organized by the fashion house in one of the restaurants in town.

Most of the participants were dressed in outfits from the new line of the Italian brand. Perhaps the most ardent fan creations of American designer Jeremy Scott, who presented his debut collection for Moschino, was Anna Dello Russo: Japanese creative director of a glossy magazine as if just left the podium.

Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott and Rita Ora  at dinner fashion house Moschino

Rita Ora at dinner fashion house Moschino

Rita Ora

Katy Perry at dinner fashion house Moschino

Katy Perry

Anna Dello Russo

Chiara Ferrand

Mia Moretti

Lei Lezark and Jordon Nichol

Teresa Missoni and Giorgio Tal

Jennifer Lawrence in a new advertising campaign Dior

Jennifer Lawrence in a new advertising campaign Dior

Jennifer Lawrence and cooperation Dior continues: fashion house presented the third consecutive campaign featuring stars, representing the famous line of handbags Miss Dior.

New promotional shots for 23-year-old Lawrence photographed the legendary Patrick Demarchelier. Photos will appear in the April issue of fashion magazines.

Next week we have another interesting event - the premiere of a video in which we see how Jennifer visits the studio Dior, which chooses a dress for the red carpet "Oscar." Watch the video will be on their website.

Jennifer Lawrence in a new advertising campaign Dior

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence in a new advertising campaign Dior

Egyptian Queen: Katy Perry video for new song Dark Horse

Egyptian Queen: Katy Perry video for new song Dark Horse

 British singer presented to the public video for a new song called Dark Horse.

Over a track that has already managed to catch the fancy of many music lovers, the star worked with American rapper Juicy J - he also appeared in the movie actress.

As for the clip, Perry is once again pleased fans of colorful visuals - each of its creation a kind of mini-movie that tells a story.

The new "short film" singer reincarnated Egyptian queen Cleopatra in: original costumes, crazy make-up and scale scenery - in general, to see exactly what is on!

Katy Perry video for new song Dark Horse