Feb 21, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o a romance with Jared Leto: heard we separated Miley Cyrus

Lupita Nyong'o a romance with Jared Leto:

Lyupite Nyong'o and then novels credited with Hollywood celebrities. So, first it was rumored that Brad Pitt is in love with the star of "12 years of slavery," and then there were rumors about the affair with actress Jared Leto. Lupita came on the eve of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and TV presenter asked the guests to comment on rumors.

Nyong'o humorously treated the issue and joked in response to it:

Jared Are we still together? I thought we already separated Miley Cyrus. This seems to be the last thing I heard.

Explain that the actress meant predpolgaemye relations star "Dallas Buyers Club" and the singer wrote about all the tabloids. Well, apparently, Lupita follow the news and keep abreast of the latest "event".

Necessary to pay tribute to a great sense of humor and ability to deftly celebrities get out of any situation.

Lupita Nyong'o a romance with Jared Leto: