Feb 10, 2014

paparazzi: Singer Katy Perry is spotted with a straight face

paparazzi Singer Katy Perry is spotted with a straight face

A fan of false lashes and black eyeliner, a North American singer Katy Perry appeared quite different in a busted paparazzi

Normally, it looks like the lightly tanned skin, black outline and very long eyelashes

Singer Katy Perry

But in a meeting, she was spotted with a straight face and the hair band, without producing any

paparazzi Singer Katy Perry is spotted with a straight face

paparazzi Singer Katy Perry is spotted with a straight face

paparazzi Singer Katy Perry is spotted with a straight face

paparazzi Singer Katy Perry is spotted with a straight face

Zhanna Friske received an unexpected gift

Zhanna Friske gift
  Zhanna Friske supported by people from all over the world: colleagues, friends and even strangers just caring people. Unexpected surprise for the Russian singer and actress was the performance of children from Samara boarding. These children are deaf. They recorded a video message to Zhanna Friske performing the song "A white sand of the sea" with gestures. Each of the boys wished a speedy recovery to Joan and strength to overcome this debilitating illness. 

Channel LifeNews shot video about caring children.

provocante photos: Stephanie Seymour with his sons

photos Stephanie Seymour with his sons

Stephanie Seymour - American supermodel and actress. For 30-year career, she appeared on the cover of more than three hundred publications, including posed for the magazine Playboy.

In its 45 years the model still looks amazing, and that is why famous magazine Harper's Bazaar, invited her to play for her March issue. Partners pad steel Seymour sons - 20-year-old Peter Blunt II and 17-year-old Harry.

Photos really turned out very expressive. Model posing in pretty frank dresses from Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford, Versace, and her boys, according to the photographer, posing as a model stylists.

All seemingly innocuous. However, not yet published magazine has caused outrage among readers. They called these images outrageous, too sexy and "reminiscent of incest».

Accusations of incest in the side of the family appear Seymour is not the first time. Earlier, in 2011, the paparazzi photographed Stephanie and her son Peter on the beach. Then a family vacation did not seem as such, because Stephanie and Peter did not behave as a mom-son, but rather as a couple - Peter gently hugged her mother and kissed her on the lips. Then the guy said that people are stupid, since I allow myself to think about his inappropriate relationship with her mother.

Publishing representative said: "Yes, these photos came out really sexy, especially when you consider that they are mom-friendly. But you know, they do not worry about it and say that a man can say a lot, judging by the way he treats his mother ».

Well, if this is so, it seems, brothers - my mother's best defenders. And readers have found nothing in this session some encrypted meaning. In fact, it is impregnated art and beauty.

photos Stephanie Seymour with his sons

photos Stephanie Seymour with his sons

photos Stephanie Seymour with his sons

photos Stephanie Seymour with his sons

photos Stephanie Seymour with his sons

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi: Delayed children planning

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi

The two are still the absolute American Idol dream couple: Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi met during the casting show know and love. Now they even got married and now realize their dream of home ownership. It is built and working around, because the very near future they want to move into their house, where there will be enough space for children.

Celebrity Flash now learned of the couple as it is to the common children planning. "We have now bought our house. That's important to us that we are first going to live there. But in any case, in the house itself room for a lot of children," Sarah reveals in an interview.

But although the want two children, they work not yet physically to one baby, but leave everything to chance. Sarah explains: "I think something can not plan Plan's bullshit, because there is no perfect time.."

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi

Vanessa Hudgens: Valentine's Day is planned

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler will certainly not be bored on the approaching Valentine's Day. Against all traditions namely planning the most romantic day of the year, the young actress is accepted.

"He's great. He is the ultimate romantic. He is so lovely," she gushed in an interview with Queen Latifah by her boyfriend Austin. Nevertheless, she has decided to lighten the Valentintstags traditions something: "I'll take care of it, just as the man otherwise always does in this situation and I have really already fully used our entire Valentine's week.." Queen Latifah can understand the 25-year-old very good, after Vanessa gets so definitely exactly the Valentine's Day, she wants. But if that really fits the romantic Austin into the collar? After more than two years of relationship he is but also know for sure how he can make his beloved happy.

paparazzi: Heidi Klum spotted with ex-boyfriend of Demi Moore

Heidi Klum spotted with ex-boyfriend of Demi Moore

Heidi Klum recently broke up with her lover, bodyguard Martin Christen, but remained alone for long: 40-year-old supermodel to complain about the lack of male attention. This weekend she was spotted with 27-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel, who two years ago was a brief affair with Demi Moore.

Saturday Heidi and Vito visited together in a Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows, output from which they are noticed and paparazzi. And there were eyewitnesses told that inside places they spent time together.

Unknown what Schnabel's relationship and Klum, but it is quite possible to believe that they have an affair, because the young man obviously likes older women - and Mandatory star. To relationships with Vito Moore had an affair with Elle Macpherson - it is also more than 20 years older than him.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Vito Schnabel

First Look Rita Ora

First Look Rita Ora

At our disposal were the first shots of the advertising campaign featuring Rimmel London Rita Ora, who became the face of a new collection of beauty manufacturer.

Note that the singer did not just advertise products known cosmetics brand, she also became a co-author of the new collection.
It's so nice that now I am working with this legendary brand! I am absolutely obsessed with makeup, I love to experiment with colors and shades, so when I was asked to create their own collection, I was incredibly happy. Dreams Come True!
Line advertised star consists of lipsticks and nail polish and goes on sale next month.

First Look Rita Ora

First Look Rita Ora

Nina Agdal broke up with her boyfriend after a meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio

n regards Nina Agdal and Max George lost spark: according to the Western press, the famous top model and soloist boy band The Wanted parted.

According to a source close to the couple, ex-lovers did not receive from their union of what everyone wanted:

They grew apart and wanted is different from the relationship.

informant also added that this step is not easy was given to George, but he does not give up and looks the future with a positive attitude:

Max was difficult to part with Nina, but he is optimistic. He looks at it as an opportunity for a new start.

Yeah, the singer really had not sweet. Judging by the way he spoke about earlier Agdal, we can assume that he was very much in love:

She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Its all love - members of my team, our guard and tour manager.

By the way, many members of the media have already assumed that the cause of parting couples do not become different interests of young people, and Leonardo DiCaprio - last week model was spotted in a nightclub in New York in the company of actor that instantly caused rumors about their romance.

Yekaterinburg preparing to congratulate Julia Lipnitskaia first 'gold'

Victor Shepty, secretary of the regional branch of the party "United Russia", on his page on the social network turned to the Urals, proposing to come up with original greeting for 15-year-old Julia Lipnitskaya accepting the Olympic Games in Sochi, the first gold medal for Russia.

Young skater performed on ice dance accompanied by music from the film "Schindler's List". After the performance, all the spectators clapped and shouted "Russia! Russia! "Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin athlete standing ovation. Julia get record - 141.51.

After enchanting victory Lipnitskaya modestly thanked fans on his page on the social network: "Hello everybody, here is Julia. Thanks to everyone who supported me! Ekaterinburg and all my family a special thank you! "

Marc Anthony and Chloe Green parted ways after a year relationship?

According to Western press, Marc Anthony and the wedding heiress fashion house Chloe's Green Topshop is postponed indefinitely-the couple took time out in a relationship.
Ils ont pris une pause. L'horaire de travail étanche à raison.
Il est à noter que le représentant Qu'anthony a refusé de commenter les informations publiées dans la presse.

En ce qui concerne la marque et Chloe, rien prédit trouble. Il ya un mois, bien-aimée ensemble est apparu sur le Grammy-2014 et avait l'air très heureux.

Nous rappelons, que dans la relation de l'année avec Greene, Anthony a réussi à présenter à ses enfants de son mariage avec Jennifer Lopez-jumeaux Emma et Max.

En outre, les médias ont indiqué qu'ils envisageaient d'attacher le noeud et les regards après le boîtier global ou non : Manoir confortable à New York ou Miami, où ils feront leur premier conjoint « nid ».