Feb 10, 2014

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi: Delayed children planning

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi

The two are still the absolute American Idol dream couple: Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi met during the casting show know and love. Now they even got married and now realize their dream of home ownership. It is built and working around, because the very near future they want to move into their house, where there will be enough space for children.

Celebrity Flash now learned of the couple as it is to the common children planning. "We have now bought our house. That's important to us that we are first going to live there. But in any case, in the house itself room for a lot of children," Sarah reveals in an interview.

But although the want two children, they work not yet physically to one baby, but leave everything to chance. Sarah explains: "I think something can not plan Plan's bullshit, because there is no perfect time.."

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi