Jan 25, 2014

Olga Freimuth learned the name of the popular TV presenter.

Finally learned the name of the chosen popular TV "Olga Freimuth"

Olga Freimuth

 Known Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimuth recently surprised many fans. The star left the new channel, which for several years led the author's program "Inspector", and moved to channel 1 +1. As it became known, the debut of the TV star on 1 +1 will be held during the show "Voice Kraina" that henceforth it will lead.

 Cleanliness and strict blonde admits that her heart was already busy year, and she is in love. However, the name chosen Olga Freimuth is in no hurry to advertise, but the "look" was able to find out who managed to make love known TV personality. According to the publication, the 31-year-old Olya Konyk (real name presenter) more than a year meeting with businessman Vitaly Antonov, whose fortune is estimated at $ 264 million. Behind the scenes of a successful businessman holds the title of the richest from Lviv.

 Profit Lviv bring millionaire known gas stations, insurance, housing and construction company. Vitaly older Olga Freimuth for 20 years, but the owner looks younger than his age. Rumor has it that a millionaire Olga Freimuth presented apartment in the center of Lviv and prestigious brand brand new SUV

Olga Freimuth

Shakira: Now everything is different

Shakira kids

Shakira and Gerard Pique celebrated the first birthday of his son Milan on January 22. 36-year-old singer admits that the boy changed her life:

Now everything is different. Perhaps the biggest change - that I became much more to think about the future. What will the world when Milan grow? But even now - the most important thing. Finally, I can really enjoy the small everyday pleasures. At the beginning of my career I was too busy future. She could not just stop and feel the moment and enjoy. 

Shakira's new album of the same name Shakira will go on sale March 25. The singer revealed on Facebook cover luxury version of the plate, for the filming of which she worked with the brand Target. There will come in three bonus songs. In addition, the advertising campaign will be tomorrow during the Grammy Awards broadcast on the channel CBS.


What to expect from the new album? Shakira wrote in Facebook:

little rock, a little folk, a little bit of reggae and, of course, dancing. But, as always, and above all - a lot of love.

Duet with Rihanna Can't Remember To Forget You will also appear on the disc.

Shakira said that since the last album in 2010 her life has changed dramatically:

Fortunately, since I enjoy the happiest time in my life. It was a period of change, rebirth, self-discovery ... and of course, motherhood, which has turned my world upside down. In the best sense of the phrase.

I always try to challenge myself. I think it is important to experience positive emotions from their own achievements. But never satisfied done. I am always in search of ... The song that is not yet written, new sounds ... Music has endless possibilities. Greater than I discovered in my life. I'm glad you keep doing things you love passionately.

Preorder for luxury version of the album Shakira can be issued from January 26.

Rihanna poses with a stuffed tiger

Rihanna has once again demonstrated the "wild" habits: singer shared with her fans a very unusual photos. Girl posing in lingerie next to a stuffed tiger. 

Rihanna poses with a tiger

25-year Rihanna - strapless bra and panties with a high waist. Her dark curls loose, painted lips and dark red lipstick.

Earlier singer was in Brazil shooting for a glossy magazine, and met there with Shakira. In Instagram she posted some candid shots in red swimsuit with girlfriend Melissa Ford.

Now Rihanna is busy promoting the new single Can't Remember To Forget You in a duet with Shakira.



Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson at a Beats Music Party

Yesterday in Los Angeles hosted a party Beats Music Launch Party. 

Guests of the event were Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Christina Milian, Macklemore, Kim Cole and other celebrities.

21-year-old Selena spent the evening with his girlfriend Ashley. As the British tabloids in recent days Gomez attends one event after another, and not particularly concerned about the fate of the ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. So, on Thursday evening - immediately after the news of his arrest - girl having fun with Demi Lovato dined at the restaurant Craig's. In early January, Selena and Justin were seen together - there was a rumor about the resumption of their romance.

Recall, 19-year-old singer was arrested on Thursday for taking part in street races intoxicated. Thanks to pledge 2.5 thousand dollars he was released, and now Americans need to deprive him of a residence permit and send it to Canada.

Selena Gomez

Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez

Christina Milian

Tricia Davis and Macklemore

Jessica Pare

Benji Madden

Kimberly Cole

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato January 23

Anne Hathaway refused the services of Rachel Zoe

Anne Hathaway refused the services of star stylist Rachel Zoe after 10 years of cooperation: now responsible for wardrobe actress Penny Lovell. Hair stylist working with Rose Byrne, Taylor Schilling and other celebrities.

Anne Hathaway refused the services of Rachel Zoe

Note that Zoe and Hathaway continue to communicate. Source portal E! said:

Rachel Ann and do not work together. Nevertheless, they communicate. Ann just wants to try something new.

Debut Hathaway clothing matched Lovell, was held at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Instead feminine and girly at times Ann demonstrated several fashion images with elements of masculine style. For example, cream oversize coat from Max Mara in conjunction with scarf ASOS - since she arrived in the Salt Lake City airport. Harvey Weinstein's party has tried Ann scruffy jeans and sweatshirts with a dimensionless graphically print from Givenchy. Hathaway was then output in a green pantsuit and black blouse, J Brand.

Now clients including Rachel Zoe appear Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Garner and Isla Fisher.

Stylist Penny Lovell known ability risky pick, but the relevant outfits. So, remember all white jumpsuit from Elie Saab at the Rose Byrne at SAG Awards in 2012. Thereafter overalls became one of the main trends evening fashion.

Fashion critics hope that Anne Hathaway will appear at the ceremony "Oscar" on March 2 in something more stylish than a very unfortunate pale pink dress Prada, which she put on a year ago.

Anne Hathaway at Sundance

Arnold Schwarzenegger supported Euromaidan

Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday recorded a video message in support Evromaydana. Pulley posted on video sharing site YouTube, as well as on the personal page of opposition party leader "BLOW" Vitali Klitschko on the website Facebook.

Arnold Schwarzenegger supported Euromaidan

In the 11-second spot the actor says:

I want to appeal to the Ukrainian people and say that with all my heart I wish them luck in their peaceful struggle for democracy and freedom.

Then Arnold makes a gesture fingers hippie and says:


According to the newspaper Telegraph, Vitali Klitschko - a key opponent of President Viktor Yanukovych. Boxer and politician tried to resolve the crisis in the country through negotiations, but so far without success: minor concessions from the government was not satisfied with the demonstrators.

Anti-government rally organized by the opposition, resulted in riots and clashes with police. In clashes injured hundreds of people, several opposition activists were killed.

Recall Evromaydan and Ukrainian opposition has already supported George Clooney: The actor has also recorded a video message and supported the people in "Going forward, not backward":

When you look at the West, know that and we're looking at you with great admiration.

Hayden Panettiere also previously sided with the opposition on Evromaydane. December 6 actress along with her boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko spoke to protesters in the main square of the Ukrainian capital.

Jennifer Lawrence in the new trailer X-Men: Days of Future past

Yesterday on the official production company "Twentieth Century Fox" in Instagram, a new 6-second video about the movie "X-Men: Days of future past." Trailer is a cutting from the many scenes pictures with Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and others.

Jennifer Lawrence in the movie X-Men

Michael Fassbender

James McAvoy

Hugh Jackman

Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the video image in the early 70-ies. It is noteworthy that in the movie "The Sting-American" it has had to demonstrate retro-style late '70s. Another surprise for fans of the "X-Men" was the appearance in the trailer Evan Peters, who, incidentally, is busy preparing for his marriage to Emma Roberts.

Recall that the premiere of "X-Men: Days of Future past" is scheduled for May 23, 2014.

The envy of all: Amber Heard on the pages of Jalouse

Heroine of the February issue of the French magazine Jalouse became Amber Heard. The actress graced the cover of publications and participated in a photo shoot, sponsored by Alexei Hay.

Shooting has been very daring - in most parts of frames Bride Johnny Depp hamming and demonstrates a passionate temperament.

Audience could not seen heading to a photo shoot Amber, in which she referred to as "the girl Johnny Depp." It is worth mentioning the name of the publication, which is translated into Russian as "envy." Perhaps a joint effort with the French actress wanted gloss once again remind the enviable position in which she is now?

Amber Heard photo shoot

Amber Heard photo shoot

Amber Heard photo shoot

Amber Heard photo shoot

Amber Heard photo shoot

Amber Heard photo shoot

Amber Heard photo shoot