Jan 25, 2014

Shakira: Now everything is different

Shakira kids

Shakira and Gerard Pique celebrated the first birthday of his son Milan on January 22. 36-year-old singer admits that the boy changed her life:

Now everything is different. Perhaps the biggest change - that I became much more to think about the future. What will the world when Milan grow? But even now - the most important thing. Finally, I can really enjoy the small everyday pleasures. At the beginning of my career I was too busy future. She could not just stop and feel the moment and enjoy. 

Shakira's new album of the same name Shakira will go on sale March 25. The singer revealed on Facebook cover luxury version of the plate, for the filming of which she worked with the brand Target. There will come in three bonus songs. In addition, the advertising campaign will be tomorrow during the Grammy Awards broadcast on the channel CBS.


What to expect from the new album? Shakira wrote in Facebook:

little rock, a little folk, a little bit of reggae and, of course, dancing. But, as always, and above all - a lot of love.

Duet with Rihanna Can't Remember To Forget You will also appear on the disc.

Shakira said that since the last album in 2010 her life has changed dramatically:

Fortunately, since I enjoy the happiest time in my life. It was a period of change, rebirth, self-discovery ... and of course, motherhood, which has turned my world upside down. In the best sense of the phrase.

I always try to challenge myself. I think it is important to experience positive emotions from their own achievements. But never satisfied done. I am always in search of ... The song that is not yet written, new sounds ... Music has endless possibilities. Greater than I discovered in my life. I'm glad you keep doing things you love passionately.

Preorder for luxury version of the album Shakira can be issued from January 26.