Jan 25, 2014

Olga Freimuth learned the name of the popular TV presenter.

Finally learned the name of the chosen popular TV "Olga Freimuth"

Olga Freimuth

 Known Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimuth recently surprised many fans. The star left the new channel, which for several years led the author's program "Inspector", and moved to channel 1 +1. As it became known, the debut of the TV star on 1 +1 will be held during the show "Voice Kraina" that henceforth it will lead.

 Cleanliness and strict blonde admits that her heart was already busy year, and she is in love. However, the name chosen Olga Freimuth is in no hurry to advertise, but the "look" was able to find out who managed to make love known TV personality. According to the publication, the 31-year-old Olya Konyk (real name presenter) more than a year meeting with businessman Vitaly Antonov, whose fortune is estimated at $ 264 million. Behind the scenes of a successful businessman holds the title of the richest from Lviv.

 Profit Lviv bring millionaire known gas stations, insurance, housing and construction company. Vitaly older Olga Freimuth for 20 years, but the owner looks younger than his age. Rumor has it that a millionaire Olga Freimuth presented apartment in the center of Lviv and prestigious brand brand new SUV

Olga Freimuth