Oct 30, 2013

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith temporarily parted

If you believe the press reports, another famous couple is on the verge of divorce: according to informed sources, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, who were married 15 years ago, decided to live separately from each other.

Joint photos spouses appeared in the press in August. The insider, who spoke with correspondent The Mirror, said:

Their union was one of the strongest in Hollywood, but lately, it seems, is no longer the case. For months, tensions between them.

Another said "informed source" Jada herself admitted that they had serious problems with Will and said:

If you and your partner are going through a difficult period, it's time to rethink their ideas of what "should be" the husband and wife.

According to acquaintances couples, Will and Jada, who have two children, have parted, and their common home up for sale. They say, wife of actor temporarily moved to his brother.

Official comments from the representatives of the famous family did not arrive.

Recall that the press has "bred" a couple of last April, but then Jada this information denied

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have spent on a wedding of 142 dollar

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard officially legalize their relationship a little less than two weeks ago, but the media still see new details of the marriage stars.

Turns out, the actors have spent on a wedding of 142 dollars. This was announced by newly-husband, who shared an interesting fact to reporters:

We just came to the court of Beverly Hills, spending on everything you need, including gasoline, 142 dollars.

The couple there was not even a wedding cake, the benefit of loyal friends saved the newlyweds:

We did not have a cake. We brought him to friends who are on their way to the court stopped at a bakery.

Telling of an important event in his life, Shepard could not help but make a joke:

It was the worst in the world of weddings.

Recall that day Kristen and Dax, who in the spring of this year, a daughter - Lincoln Bell Shepard, were not going to get married. Actors come to court to get permission to marry, but the employee to which the couple appealed, the stars immediately offered to get married.

So, Bell and Shepard were in one of the halls of marriage, where the same day became husband and wife.

Holidays in Greece: Lookbook spring-summer collection of Alexander Terekhov

Ancient Greece was the starting point of a new, spring-summer collection of Alexander Terekhov Lookbook which is at the disposal.

Key print of the season is the ornamental edging, which is decorated with many of the models. Striking features are the large gold and silver buttons with a picture of a deer and pockets.

By the way, this time the designer has developed a line of accessories, which includes not only shoes and clutches, but also jewelry, hoops and sunglasses, so necessary in the hot season.

author photoset became famous glossy photographer Matt Irwin and styled by Andrey Artemov shooting.


Penelope and Monica Cruz have created a new bag for Loewe

Sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz continued to cooperate with the Spanish brand Loewe - and not only as a model, but as designers.

Famous sisters are represented by two models of bags, created in collaboration with the brand: it was roomy bag with pockets for the necessary details.

This time Penelope and Monica developed a mini-version of his earlier creations. New handbag has a short handle and a single patch pocket, it is made of dark blue leather in bright peas.



Christina Ricci showed Wedding Dress

Christina Ricci showed Wedding Dress

This past weekend was the wedding of Christina Ricci and her lover James Heerdegena. Journalists are not invited to a family reunion, so the press until recently had to be content with only the stories of the beautiful wedding dress, which on this day was an actress.

But the 33-year-old star still showed the audience her outfit, post a photo in his twitter. Photo she commented:

Sorry, but I have to share what I did for Riccardo Tisci! I love you, Ricky!

Creative director of Givenchy created for the star bride's silk dress decorated with lace and seed pearls. Complement the dress lace veil.

Recall that the wedding of Christina and James took place in the narrow family circle. The celebration took place in one of the institutions in Manhattan on Saturday.

Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen

Lady Gaga: Female Year by Glamour

Lady Gaga

One of the women of the year by the magazine Glamour became Lady Gaga. Recently, the pop diva has released a new album Artpop (and put up another marathon with extravagant disguises). According to the publication, Lady Gaga - it's not just a singer, but the actress and philanthropist. That's why she was given a new title of honor.

In an interview with the singer, in particular, told how she had taken confidence. "Depends on what we are talking about. I'm really confident in my music, because I love her. I am confident in who I am, "- said Lady Gaga.

Singer also admitted that she does not consider herself beautiful in the conventional sense of the word. "If there was something like a mathematical equation of beauty, I do not know, I would be the algorithm. For me it's always been fine. I'm not a supermodel. This is not what I'm doing. I do music, "- she told.

Answering the question of who is a personal hero of 2013 at the Woman of the year, Lady Gaga said it was Emma Carroll. Emma - A fan of pop diva, who suffers from cerebral palsy. "Because now she can do things after hip surgery, which, as she thought she would never be able to do," - explained the singer (note that the operation Emma paid Lady Gaga).

Watch as Carroll makes its way through its most terrible fears, helps the performer to understand that she is capable of anything. "In Emma has the glamor that outside of makeup and wigs. This is the glamor of survival, "- concluded Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga: Female Year by Glamour

Natalia Rudova photographs in a bathing suit

Now Natalia Rudova is on vacation. The girl did not forget to delight his fans with new photos. The other day, Natalia has published on his page on the social network pictures in which she demonstrates her slim and fit figure. The photographs show that the actress spends holiday with pleasure.

Natalia Rudova

Natalia Rudova photographs in a bathing suit

Blake Lively is the new face of L'Oréal Paris

Blake Lively

More recently, Blake Lively was on sabbatical and paid free time only to her husband Ryan Reynolds. However, all changes very quickly: first, the actress returns to more movies, she will take part in the filming of The Age of Adaline, and secondly, Lively has become the new face of cosmetic company L'Oréal Paris.

Blake has signed a multi-million dollar contract with the brand, which is a "heavyweight" in the beauty industry. The actress will join a stellar team that has made Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Lea Michele, Gwen Stefani and other international stars that promote the production of the French brand.

It seems that the star of the TV series "Gossip Girl" will have to forget about the arrangement family nest couples in Bedford and the development of their own lifestyle-design, because due to another surge in his career for the rest did not have time.

Recall that Lively has experience working with major record labels: the star was previously advertising face fragrance from Gucci, and she has collaborated with the fashion house Chanel.

Blake Lively is the new face of L'Oréal Paris

Chris Brown go to rehab

Chris Brown go to rehab

The story of Chris Brown continues, after hearing of a case a musician, who was accused of assaulting a man, he turned to a specialized medical center. According to the representative of the star, the actor intends to get professional help:

Chris Brown go to rehab. He intends to understand the reason for his aggressiveness, to analyze their behavior in the past and the present to the future of his life and career were not under threat.

Recall earlier this week it was announced that Chris Brown again having problems with Law: In the night from Saturday to Sunday musician detained by police for assaulting a man.

However, after hearing, the court described the actions of Washington star and its protection as a minor offense and let the musician to freedom immediately after the meeting, to pay a fine or bail Brown it was not necessary.

Chris Brown

New trailer tape "The Wolf of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio

The network has a second official trailer for Martin Scorsese's tape "The Wolf of Wall Street," in which the main role played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

This picture was already the fifth joint project director and actor. It is known that the shooting crime drama scheduled to begin in 2008, but then Scorsese and DiCaprio could not coordinate their schedules. Several years later, the film industry figures have returned to this project.

At the heart of films "The Wolf of Wall Street" with the same name are the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, who has managed to create an entire financial empire, and was later convicted of fraud. In addition, he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, but was able to overcome all troubles. Now he lectures, traveling the world with his books and inspires the creation of Hollywood entertainment tapes.

It DiCaprio played the stockbroker, fast life in constant get-togethers, and his boss Mark Hanna played Matthew McConaughey.

We recall that the world premiere of the tape has been moved from November this year at the end of December

Pink is bad Mood: his 2 year old daughter on a motocross is the buzz

Attention Pink is in a bad mood. Why? We went after his family! It all started with a photo posted by Carey Hart, the husband of the singer, on Instagram. Seen on his bike - he is a professional motocross rider, with Willow, her two year old daughter. In legend, he wrote:

I'm waiting for this moment for a very long time. Willz made his first motorcycle ride today. She was shaken but when we stopped, she hugged me hard and told me how much she s 'was fun, thank you Dad. That's my daughter! 

While some fans are the cute story, others are shocked to see the child does not wear such a helmet and share their excitement in heckling the couple on Instagram and Twitter. Tired of being lecturing, Pink has written:

If one of you has more experience on a motorcycle as my husband, so I hear your opinion on how he should lead with my daughter

She then added:

I do not promise that I préoccuperai your opinions, but at least I will listen.

The singer then retweeted some of the messages that had been sent, openly mocking them. Basically, the answers hide an unmistakable message:

Minding your own business!

For a user who said:

I do not like the idea of ​​a young child on a bike," she says, "So, I advise you not to do with your children.

What do you think?