Oct 30, 2013

Pink is bad Mood: his 2 year old daughter on a motocross is the buzz

Attention Pink is in a bad mood. Why? We went after his family! It all started with a photo posted by Carey Hart, the husband of the singer, on Instagram. Seen on his bike - he is a professional motocross rider, with Willow, her two year old daughter. In legend, he wrote:

I'm waiting for this moment for a very long time. Willz made his first motorcycle ride today. She was shaken but when we stopped, she hugged me hard and told me how much she s 'was fun, thank you Dad. That's my daughter! 

While some fans are the cute story, others are shocked to see the child does not wear such a helmet and share their excitement in heckling the couple on Instagram and Twitter. Tired of being lecturing, Pink has written:

If one of you has more experience on a motorcycle as my husband, so I hear your opinion on how he should lead with my daughter

She then added:

I do not promise that I préoccuperai your opinions, but at least I will listen.

The singer then retweeted some of the messages that had been sent, openly mocking them. Basically, the answers hide an unmistakable message:

Minding your own business!

For a user who said:

I do not like the idea of ​​a young child on a bike," she says, "So, I advise you not to do with your children.

What do you think?