Oct 30, 2013

New trailer tape "The Wolf of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio

The network has a second official trailer for Martin Scorsese's tape "The Wolf of Wall Street," in which the main role played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

This picture was already the fifth joint project director and actor. It is known that the shooting crime drama scheduled to begin in 2008, but then Scorsese and DiCaprio could not coordinate their schedules. Several years later, the film industry figures have returned to this project.

At the heart of films "The Wolf of Wall Street" with the same name are the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, who has managed to create an entire financial empire, and was later convicted of fraud. In addition, he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, but was able to overcome all troubles. Now he lectures, traveling the world with his books and inspires the creation of Hollywood entertainment tapes.

It DiCaprio played the stockbroker, fast life in constant get-togethers, and his boss Mark Hanna played Matthew McConaughey.

We recall that the world premiere of the tape has been moved from November this year at the end of December