Oct 16, 2013

Groom Mila Kunis and ex-husband Demi Moore became the highest paid TV star

Ashton Kutcher last year received a $ 24 million

In Hollywood, the estimated wealth of the rich and famous. Forbes Magazine ranked the highest paid TV stars, says the "TSN. Especially"

 most over the last year due to joins Ashton Kutcher. Star of TV series "Two and a Half Men" was $ 24 million. And broke the record of Charlie Sheen, who has taken up shooting.

 Second in the ranking was a colleague Kutcher comedy by Jon Cryer. For the year enriched by 21 million. The third is an American comedian Ray Romano, the voice of cartoon characters who speak.

 For the year his wallet fatter by 16 million. And the fourth and fifth lines of the rating rich shared Mark Harmon and Neil Patrick Harris. Their series "NCIS" and "How I Met Your Mother" on the air for years. However, the love of the audience and producers brought them on 15000000.

 Recall that in early September, it was announced that Ashton Kutcher would marry Mila Kunis in Los Angeles in April. Plans for the star couple told a friend

Nicki Minaj and her large breasts are out!

Nicki Minaj and her large breasts are out

Watch out, Nicki Minaj and her large breasts are out! Yesterday in Los Angeles, the American singer has indeed been seen for the presentation of her clothing line ... 

Nicki Minaj and her legendary good taste have not finished saving us! Always at the forefront for us an eyeful, the star of 30 years has a new guest appearance yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, 15 October) when it passes through a shopping mall in Los Angeles. Came to present his new clothing line in partnership with retail chain Kmart, the queen of provocation

Primed a mini electric blue jacket attracted the attention of the cameras! Which foreshadowed his chest - and maybe more, who plays Starships exhibited its very luscious curves on the red carpet. Molded in a black pants greatest effect, it appears all smiles for photographers and did not hesitate to pose for several minutes in all its glory. Back, front or even profile, Barbie was just hard to look straight in the eye!
Unaccustomed to sobriety, the young woman arrived at the scene of the festivities at the wheel of his Lamborghini rose. Bruce Wayne had better watch out! Very proud of his car, she also proudly posted a series of photos on his Instagram account unpublished. Still sassy and uninhibited, Nicki Minaj is really fun to see!

Nicki Minaj and her large breasts are out

line is sexy, fun, easy to carry. Rooms are comfortable

In an interview recorded at the event, the singer is back on his motives: "This collection defines me well because it allows you to mix the parts to mix and match I do not like being stuck in one style. I like to mix things up. My clothing line is sexy, fun, easy to carry. Rooms are comfortable and fit all sizes. The goal was really to make something accessible in terms of price, for my fans. ",

Asked she explains this new fashion that encourages celebrities to launch their collection, Nicki wants to meet more skeptical:" I understand that it may surprise people but. it is not a matter of design, it is simply to make my wardrobe to my fans, "she concludes with a smile.

No doubt parts will sell like hot bread!

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp : all press inquires about their relationships.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

The two mythical 1990s was seen for the first time in 15 years! Both ex met time a clip where they are side by side for the first time since their break. The flame could she be back? 

Kate Moss, totally "in love" makeup, a habit he had 15 years ago to be "in love" Johnny Depp! And since their reunion in London, all press inquires about their relationships. Granted, they are both boxes, but for the first time in 15 years, they met again time for a clip. And to whom we owe this rapprochement between the two former lovers terrible? In Beatle Paul McCartney that old! He asked them, to them, his daughter Stella McCartney and other friends like Meryl Streep and Gary Barlow to participate in the music video of his single eye Queenie, from his new album New. The ones who had not seen each other since their breakup due to "too many painful emotions," said a close at the Daily Record, have made an effort in meeting in London's Abbey Road studios. The flame of their romance last she has a chance to revive? EzineArticles Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll! 

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp met in a New York bar in 1994. From there, they lived a short but intense love story until 1998. Crazy about each other for four years, however, they lived a very complex relationship, but mostly very sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. The hotel rooms in which they passed were also destroyed in the manner of the Rolling Stones! A pair of lovers so terrible, that calmed down since their separation. Johnny Depp then spent several years with Vanessa Paradis, before entrusting have found love in the arms of Amber Heard. For its part, the twig fell in love with Jefferson Hack and Pete Doherty before choosing Jamie Hince for good. But the fact of being together on the same stage location as they had not reviewed it could trigger a renewed love? One day they will reform the mythical couple chastened version? One thing is certain, we wait to see the clip of Paul McCartney to see them all!

Britney Spears continues to stay in the UK capital

Britney Spears

Britney Spears continues to stay in the UK capital - fresh pictures promotional programs pop star shares with us blogger Kido.

Britney went to London to promote her upcoming single and a fresh series of concerts in Las Vegas (maybe British the public will contribute to a more active ticket?). Yesterday, the singer talked about his new, is the eighth studio album, which will be called Britney Jean:

He called Britney Jean. This is a very personal album, and my whole family calls me Britney Jean. This is a term of endearment, and I wanted to tell him to his fans.

Known to release a new album on December 3 this year. However disclose further details concerning the singer refused to record - rumored to us forward to a lot of collaborations, including Will.i.am and William Orbit.

into mountain. In addition, Jamie Foxx always had a special

Numerous sources of the American edition of In Touch reported that Katie Holmes meets with Jamie Foxx (among other things, a close friend of Tom Cruise.) Officials from the two stars insist on "strong friendship" Katie and James, but insiders say with confidence - be novel!

Cathy and Jamie meet for a while. Their romance takes place in the style of "Mission: Impossible".

The fact that the stars, according to sources, are under strict secrecy - however, Fox is quite a lot of time in the New York apartment of his new sweetheart.

Another resource is reported that Katie is not so long ago (in mid-September) was spotted at the hotel along with Fox when he was shot in New York in the new film. The driver of the actor drove to the hotel early in the morning, but instead went to the car Jamie Holmes. The staff is also confirmed that the actress has remained in the same room with Fox.

Well, this secrecy is justified: Tom Cruise - a close friend of Jamie, he even once said that it was thanks to Tom, his career went into mountain. In addition, Jamie Foxx always had a special secrecy in matters of personal life: "Who would you never met, do not tell anyone about it, - has repeatedly said the actor.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx

On Sunday, Helena Bonham Carter 1st appeared at Go

On Sunday, Helena Bonham Carter 1st appeared at social events once the journalism regarding the amendment her law partner Tim Burton.

According to recent press reports, simply within the Hamptons, wherever the player was in a very fete, Helena contend down rumors of a crisis in a very relationship with a renowned director. talking to reporters star joked:

I think perhaps he was uninterested in ME.

However, maybe Bonham Carter says a lot of regarding the operating relationship with the spousal equivalent. On account of a few for over a joint project - "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," "Charlie and therefore the Chocolate industrial plant," "Big Fish," "Dark Shadows," "Alice in Wonderland." Stars area unit uninterested in perpetually be along, therefore we have a tendency to set within the close to future can now not work:

It was a pleasure to figure with him after we were concerned within the project. UN agency knows? maybe we'll ne'er be along once more.

Hopefully, in personal relationships eccentric director and his equally flamboyant lover still lived in peace and harmony. However, the last words of Helena did indirectly ensure that the conflict between the celebrities takes place.