Oct 16, 2013

into mountain. In addition, Jamie Foxx always had a special

Numerous sources of the American edition of In Touch reported that Katie Holmes meets with Jamie Foxx (among other things, a close friend of Tom Cruise.) Officials from the two stars insist on "strong friendship" Katie and James, but insiders say with confidence - be novel!

Cathy and Jamie meet for a while. Their romance takes place in the style of "Mission: Impossible".

The fact that the stars, according to sources, are under strict secrecy - however, Fox is quite a lot of time in the New York apartment of his new sweetheart.

Another resource is reported that Katie is not so long ago (in mid-September) was spotted at the hotel along with Fox when he was shot in New York in the new film. The driver of the actor drove to the hotel early in the morning, but instead went to the car Jamie Holmes. The staff is also confirmed that the actress has remained in the same room with Fox.

Well, this secrecy is justified: Tom Cruise - a close friend of Jamie, he even once said that it was thanks to Tom, his career went into mountain. In addition, Jamie Foxx always had a special secrecy in matters of personal life: "Who would you never met, do not tell anyone about it, - has repeatedly said the actor.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx