Oct 16, 2013

Groom Mila Kunis and ex-husband Demi Moore became the highest paid TV star

Ashton Kutcher last year received a $ 24 million

In Hollywood, the estimated wealth of the rich and famous. Forbes Magazine ranked the highest paid TV stars, says the "TSN. Especially"

 most over the last year due to joins Ashton Kutcher. Star of TV series "Two and a Half Men" was $ 24 million. And broke the record of Charlie Sheen, who has taken up shooting.

 Second in the ranking was a colleague Kutcher comedy by Jon Cryer. For the year enriched by 21 million. The third is an American comedian Ray Romano, the voice of cartoon characters who speak.

 For the year his wallet fatter by 16 million. And the fourth and fifth lines of the rating rich shared Mark Harmon and Neil Patrick Harris. Their series "NCIS" and "How I Met Your Mother" on the air for years. However, the love of the audience and producers brought them on 15000000.

 Recall that in early September, it was announced that Ashton Kutcher would marry Mila Kunis in Los Angeles in April. Plans for the star couple told a friend