Sep 16, 2013

Kourtney Kardashian : going to the movies with her little Captain Mason!

When Kourtney Kardashian has a cinema release in head-to-head with Mason, the eldest of the famous Kardashian trio takes care to be perfectly lookée and do not forget to do the same with his eldest son.

If it is not too stylish duo! While his mate Scott Disick shows off who wants to see his money, Kourtney Kardashian, she continues to work with the utmost care of their two children, Mason and Penelope. E the program yesterday (Sunday 15 September) to a movie with the premiere of an animated film for children, Thomas & Friends: The Railway King Of

Arrival. Mason with the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, the eldest of the famous Kardashian trio did not see fit to pose with her son in front of photographers as did other parents present. Kourtney would she was afraid of being upstaged by his little darling?

Lookée Especially with its transparent playsuit, revealing a bra, she chose to accessorize with a cape, a Chanel bag and a pair of gladiator sandals, a pair of his favorite shoes, Kourtney also took care of Mason ready for their trip to the movies.

A bite into his little red shot, his assorted loafers, and his white shirt, Mason was yesterday in the mood to take it for a captain. Its stylish hat, right? Too bad Kourtney did not take the pose with him, the duo was to die for!

Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian shows her breasts in a bikini!

There will be the knockers! Mom real guns such as Kim, Kendall and Kylie, the momager decided to play explosive bombs in the pool and compete with his daughters. Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful?

There are some days, Kendall Jenner was posting on Instagram, a photo of her in a bikini Agua Bendita, a Colombian brand that it is the face. And while the model 17 years has already made waves, she shared, again, there are a few hours, another photo as dazzling.

But they did not count on Kris Jenner, her mother aged 57, who decided to compete. Moments after her daughter, momager was quick to post it as a snapshot of her in a bathing suit. In the pool, the oldest K wanted to prove that nothing had moved. Showing off his chest molded in a blue bikini and wearing a gold necklace, which knows best raise money is definitely not fake. Having makeup to be photographed, she pushed through and Vice plays the models. Finally, we can say that her daughters inspire many ... After filming a sex tape like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner decided to walk in the footsteps of Kendall.

New data on the death of Princess Diana

The tragic death of Princess Diana in a car crash in 1997 was shrouded in mystery and rumor. The public and family (specifically - the father of the deceased, along with Diana Dodi Al Fayed Mohamed) for many years looking for new explanations and reasons for those events.

However, in recent months, talk has become more so in the middle of August, a version that the tragedy involved in the British military. Now this assumption obrostaet new details, which we shared with the blogger Encore.

According to statements by the investigator Donald McIntyre, who has studied the new data to the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed's really involved in Special Air Force (Special Air Service, SAS). According to reports, the phone constantly bugged Diana's up to the disaster.

Source notes that the records could shed light on what happened and to assist in the investigation of the case, however, all the films were either destroyed or stored under "top secret" .

In addition, it is impossible to get information from cameras and video surveillance in spite of the fact that on the way from the Ritz, where the car went to Alma bridge, under which the accident occurred, there are dozens of surveillance, with none of them failed to see the record.

The fact that many of the cameras are installed in private areas and, by law, the owners of their right to refuse to show the film. As for the urban camera is reportedly one of the employees of surveillance Paris, necessary to investigate the surveillance at the time of the accident have been disabled. The operator believes that a failure in the system are not talking:

video could be obtained if the people themselves wanted to. The truth is that the film could interfere with someone, so every effort was made to keep the secret. No recording was played into the hands of many, especially those who did not want to release a random car accident was destroyed.

As for the causes of the disaster, there also have new information. Thus, the application of intoxication and driver inattention Henri Paul is now being questioned. According to new data, Paul was blinded by a bright flash, causing lost control.

This is confirmed by other drivers who witnessed the night of the accident. One of them is Francois Levistr said that after driving Alma bridge, he saw in the rearview mirror, "a bright white flash." In addition, he said that before the car with pritsessoy hit the wall, it has traveled a motorcycle on which sat two. According Levistra, it is one of them and blinded the driver Henri flash.

The light was so strong that it even reached my car, but was sent to the other side. I turned around and saw that the car behind me was "wag" on the roadway, but the light was gone. He disappeared. 

Hardly ever zagadachnaya story about the death of Princess Diana will cease to be a mystery, can only follow the new versions, and guess what was the case in fact, 16 years ago.

Princess Diana ever listened to over the past months before the tragedy
Diana leaves the Ritz
According to new reports, the driver Henri Paul (right), a bright flash blinded
Recording from a surveillance camera at the Ritz : Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

A shot from the accident

London Fashion Week 2013 : Topshop Unique

Brand Topshop Unique at the weekend showed the spring-summer collection, which came to see Kate Moss, Anna Wintour, Daisy Lowe and Pixie Geldof, who sat in the front row next to Topshop owner Sir Philip Green.

The new collection of brand a lot of blue and shades. Deep Blue is a harmonious combination with yellow and dark green, and the prints are the main strip and abstract drawings that resemble the outlines of stars.

Thin straps and bare backs designers Topshop Unique deem necessary parts of the image of the next spring. Alternatively, they offer dresses for the warm season cropped tops and loose pants resembling jogging suits or comfortable pajamas.

Dresses-shirts risky length, apparently, in the spring of 2014 will be among the fashion hits: they did rates several brands, including Topshop.

daisy Lowe

Kate Moss

Pixie Geldof , Daisy Lowe and Samantha Barks

Beyonce during a concert in Sao Paulo , it gets shot off stage by a fan!

As she finished interpret one of his hits in concert, Beyoncé suddenly caught the arm by a Brazilian fan , making himself momentarily eject the scene ! A small sequence that was filmed and is now available on the web ...

Victim of its own success! Currently crossing in Latin America as part of his world tour , Beyonce ignites Brazil since September 8. After Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro , the sublime 32 year old singer gave a concert in Sao Paulo last night ( Sunday, September 16 ) . The least we can say is that it has not failed to get bored with his fans !

Primed its finest combination with blue sequins , Beyonce 's Irreplaceable quietly interpreted as to the delight of a cheering crowd . So far nothing unusual : always in great shape, the darling Jay- Z sang the last notes of the song while browsing the square stage on which it stood. Always close to his audience , Queen B took the opportunity to do some fierce overview when a fan took the opportunity to grab her arm. Hop here is how in just a few seconds , the star of the r'n'b found herself propelled off the stage to dive with her ​​admirer . How lucky !
Always on the lookout , the security staff quickly came to his aid to put on stage in a snap ! Far from being disturbed , Beyoncé continued to sing as if nothing had happened. Better at the end of her song , the young woman said she was fine , going to meet her " attacker " to shake his hand and he retorted tender "I love you too ." Disconcerting !

Stars at the ceremony Creative Arts Emmy Awards- 2013

Heidi Klum , Julie Bowen , Katherine McPhee and the world's other television stars gathered in Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre on the awarding of Creative Arts Emmy Awards- 2013 .

At Creative Arts Emmy statuettes are awarded for achievement in the so -called " technical " categories Emmy - casting, sound , costumes , etc. Top TV shows , programs , actors will be announced next week - next Sunday .

This year the award was a real triumph TV movie "For the chandeliers ," in which the main role performed by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon . Recall cast tandem " raised up " on the screen the story of the famous pianist , famous not only eccentric outfits , but stormy personal life. Total picture has collected eight (!) " Emmy ".

Cast of " House of Cards " was the best in the category " Drama ", and in a similar comedic nomination team won the series " Studio 30 ".

"South Park " was once again "Best animation project ",

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have been named " best Lead reality show ," and immediately the "Best reality " was the show Undercover Boss.

List of Award Winners :

  • Best Casting in a drama - "House of Cards " 

  • Best Casting in a comedy - " Studio 30 " 

  • Best Casting mini-seriala/telefilma - "For the candelabra " 

  • Best animated project - " South Park " 

  • mini-seriala/telefilma Best Art Direction - "For the candelabra " 

  • Best Director drama - "In all grave "

  • Best Direction comedy - " The Office "

  • Best Visual effects - " Game of Thrones "

  • Best suits to mini-serialy/telefilme -" For the candelabra "

  • best costumes in the show - " Borgia " 

  • best soundtrack for the series - " Downton Abbey " 

  • Best leading the reality show - Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, " project: Runway " View 

Heidi Klum won " Best Leading the reality show "

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn "The best leading reality show "

Marina Toybina and Courtney Webster
Julie Bowen
Malin Akerman

The title of ' Miss America ' won the ' Miss New York' Nina Davuluri

Last night in New Jersey hosted the final of the beauty contest " Miss America " , which was attended by 53 girls . This year , as in the past, won the representative of New York State . From now the proud title of " Miss America " has a 24 -year-old Nina Davuluri .

According to the source , Nina became the first winner of this beauty contest , which has Indian roots . It is reported that the girl was born in New York and then moved with her family to Oklahoma , and after - in Michigan. Davuluri plans in the future to become a therapist , but at a talent contest in the show performed an Indian dance , stressing that studying dance at age 15 .

Winning the competition has brought the girl not only the glory and love of the public , but also a scholarship to 50 thousand dollars. Second place in this year won the "Miss California " Crystal Lee , and the third - a representative of the Oklahoma Kelsey Griswold .

By the way, past the contest differs from previous ones in that it is the first contestant was involved with a tattoo - a 22 year old Teresa Vale of Kansas, and also the girl who was born without a left forearm , a 23- year-old Nicole Kelly of Iowa .

Tom Hardy can play 007

Tom Hardy fans rejoice : the actor may appear on the screen in the form of the most famous spy in the world . Rumor has it that he will replace Daniel Craig as the main character of James Bond .

45 -year-old Craig has signed a contract to take two more films about the 007 , but after their release , journalists believe , to be replaced by another actor . Information about what role can get all Hardy came from journalists Daily Star, HTML certain insider :

Craig will star as Bond two more times , but the search for a new actor has already begun. Volume in first place in the list of applicants . He has already expressed his interest in the role. Tom would be an ideal candidate , because in the film industry , he is well respected and has starred in different films. And most importantly - men want to be like him , and women want to be with him .

By the way, Hardy said earlier that he dreams about the role of 007 . In the interview last year, the actor said :

I would like to play Bond, especially if the director was , for example , Chris Nolan . That would be awesome .

Next James Bond movie - so far with Daniel Craig in the title role - due for release in November 2015 .

Tom Hardy
Daniel Craig