Sep 16, 2013

New data on the death of Princess Diana

The tragic death of Princess Diana in a car crash in 1997 was shrouded in mystery and rumor. The public and family (specifically - the father of the deceased, along with Diana Dodi Al Fayed Mohamed) for many years looking for new explanations and reasons for those events.

However, in recent months, talk has become more so in the middle of August, a version that the tragedy involved in the British military. Now this assumption obrostaet new details, which we shared with the blogger Encore.

According to statements by the investigator Donald McIntyre, who has studied the new data to the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed's really involved in Special Air Force (Special Air Service, SAS). According to reports, the phone constantly bugged Diana's up to the disaster.

Source notes that the records could shed light on what happened and to assist in the investigation of the case, however, all the films were either destroyed or stored under "top secret" .

In addition, it is impossible to get information from cameras and video surveillance in spite of the fact that on the way from the Ritz, where the car went to Alma bridge, under which the accident occurred, there are dozens of surveillance, with none of them failed to see the record.

The fact that many of the cameras are installed in private areas and, by law, the owners of their right to refuse to show the film. As for the urban camera is reportedly one of the employees of surveillance Paris, necessary to investigate the surveillance at the time of the accident have been disabled. The operator believes that a failure in the system are not talking:

video could be obtained if the people themselves wanted to. The truth is that the film could interfere with someone, so every effort was made to keep the secret. No recording was played into the hands of many, especially those who did not want to release a random car accident was destroyed.

As for the causes of the disaster, there also have new information. Thus, the application of intoxication and driver inattention Henri Paul is now being questioned. According to new data, Paul was blinded by a bright flash, causing lost control.

This is confirmed by other drivers who witnessed the night of the accident. One of them is Francois Levistr said that after driving Alma bridge, he saw in the rearview mirror, "a bright white flash." In addition, he said that before the car with pritsessoy hit the wall, it has traveled a motorcycle on which sat two. According Levistra, it is one of them and blinded the driver Henri flash.

The light was so strong that it even reached my car, but was sent to the other side. I turned around and saw that the car behind me was "wag" on the roadway, but the light was gone. He disappeared. 

Hardly ever zagadachnaya story about the death of Princess Diana will cease to be a mystery, can only follow the new versions, and guess what was the case in fact, 16 years ago.

Princess Diana ever listened to over the past months before the tragedy
Diana leaves the Ritz
According to new reports, the driver Henri Paul (right), a bright flash blinded
Recording from a surveillance camera at the Ritz : Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

A shot from the accident