Sep 16, 2013

Beyonce during a concert in Sao Paulo , it gets shot off stage by a fan!

As she finished interpret one of his hits in concert, Beyoncé suddenly caught the arm by a Brazilian fan , making himself momentarily eject the scene ! A small sequence that was filmed and is now available on the web ...

Victim of its own success! Currently crossing in Latin America as part of his world tour , Beyonce ignites Brazil since September 8. After Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro , the sublime 32 year old singer gave a concert in Sao Paulo last night ( Sunday, September 16 ) . The least we can say is that it has not failed to get bored with his fans !

Primed its finest combination with blue sequins , Beyonce 's Irreplaceable quietly interpreted as to the delight of a cheering crowd . So far nothing unusual : always in great shape, the darling Jay- Z sang the last notes of the song while browsing the square stage on which it stood. Always close to his audience , Queen B took the opportunity to do some fierce overview when a fan took the opportunity to grab her arm. Hop here is how in just a few seconds , the star of the r'n'b found herself propelled off the stage to dive with her ​​admirer . How lucky !
Always on the lookout , the security staff quickly came to his aid to put on stage in a snap ! Far from being disturbed , Beyoncé continued to sing as if nothing had happened. Better at the end of her song , the young woman said she was fine , going to meet her " attacker " to shake his hand and he retorted tender "I love you too ." Disconcerting !