Jun 27, 2013

Channing Tatum: Being a young dad is pretty terrifying!

Channing Tatum

So it has just welcome in his life the young Everly, Channing Tatum gives his impressions of his first week as a father and it looks pretty scary ...

Although Channing Tatum is super happy to have constantly new proposals roles, he admits that a father is probably the hardest for him. Asked in full promotion of his new film White House Down on the difference between protecting the President and be a dad he replied: "Actually, I have never protected the President, by cons I have to be a dad, and I can that being a young dad is pretty terrifying. I'm pretty sure something involving the president could be scary, but for me as a young dad, nothing is more important or scary as to protect my daughter. " He tells Us Weekly that it is very hard for him to be away from his family for the promotion of the film: "I work in London and I'm away from my daughter between 12 and 15 hours a day and when I come back I ' have the impression that his face has changed since I left in the morning, then it's pretty hard. "

One can only understand the fears and concerns of Channing but he the appears to be an attentive dad then everything should be fine, he must relaxes!

Demi Lovato: I loved my father ...

Although Demi Lovato has not spoken to his father for five years, the singer revealed that she feels very affected by his tragic death a few days ago ... 

last Sunday, June 23, Patrick Lovato , father of half died suddenly. Country singer and former studio engineer, he probably fought against cancer for years and died of the disease. Although Demi considers his stepfather, Eddie De La Garza, like his dad it remains that Patrick Lovato is her biological father and it is inevitably affected by its disappearance. Passing through the Good Morning America on June 27, Demi said: "My father and I did not have a great relationship, but in the end it is my father." For 5 years they have not spoken but it adds. "It's complicated I grew up with him and it is a wonderful person, but I did what I could"

If the relationship with his father was special because this is: "My father fought against mental illness and was not able to cope in society, it happens to many people." 

Demi Lovato seems to have made peace with his father, do not you think?

Eva Longoria natural for a good cause!

A true philanthropist Eva Longoria continues to help a good cause. And this time, she went to Colombia to shoot a documentary about young women in the country. The star took his mission very seriously, posing for the pictures, even those that are not to his advantage!

The beautiful Eva Longoria went to Colombia to shoot a documentary PBS dealing with young women who have no power in this country. Our former Desperate Housewives has always been very active in charities and continues, no matter what.

It is in a gray jeans and a white shirt with no makeup Eva met women who do a wonderful job in maternity hospitals or schools, for example, without ever receiving anything in return. Still wearing his big smile, the star has spent unique moments that it will keep great memories and the evidence, she posted some pictures of the trip on his WhoSay account and commented: "Thanks @ cataescobarr for showing us the amazing work you do in Colombia! help young women who have no power. " , "In Colombia with @ Half working with teenage girls who are pregnant. There are some little angels!" or "A Cartagena with Juanfe and @ cataescobarr that help girls in precarious thanks to an extraordinary educational program"

Eva Longoria certainly see some of the shocking scenes or hard. But still, it was there and wanted to take care of the people she met. Again, the star proved that she was more than physical.

Emma Watson is a sacred little liar!

Emma Watson

A few days ago, the actress told Radio Times that she had to counter his eight pairs of shoes. The world's media was not fooled and were able to prove that his statements were false. Emma Watson to possess 14,000 pounds of shoes ...

If the film Pinocchio was a reality, the nose of Emma Watson have extended several centimeters. A few days ago, during an interview with Radio Times, Emma Watson was told: "I have eight pairs of shoes and that's it." Is that all? Not're not so sure ...

At the head of a fortune of £ 24 million and gorgeous homes in London and New York, and even in France, we were really skeptical about these words . It is obvious that most of the shoes worn at the feet of those who played Hermione in the Harry Potter saga, have been loaned ... but not all! Our colleagues from Dailymail counted ... They scanned the feet and Emma Watson in all his public appearances. And the result leaves us speechless. We arrive at a total of 14,000 pounds of shoes!

Among the gems that adorn her feet we can cite the creation of brands Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin essential. We have our own ideas about this lie. Emma Watson has never really felt comfortable on his fortune and had said about it: "I have done nothing decadent or crazy with my money I rented in New York when I was. there. I bought a Toyota Prius and I bought a laptop "... and dozens of pairs of shoes as well?

What it is, even if we are slightly disappointed by this little white lie, the actress seems sincere and we willingly forgive him!

One Direction: discover -Best Song Ever-, their new single coming soon ...


The famous English group has unveiled its new title, available for pre-order! 

The One Direction have well continue to ride the wave of success with a film about their life as an artist, This Is Us and a third album expected soon in stores ... Besides Best Song Ever is the first single from the new album! A title that is even available for pre-order on iTunes. But it will even wait until July 22 for all the digital output and until August 19 for a physical release! 

No doubt once again that fans of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne will be waiting for you, making "modest" as Best Song Ever a new tube and their documentary film a big hit at the box office!

Michelle Obama: elle a rejoint Instagram!

The First Lady of the United States is now part of the famous application for sharing photos ...

Michelle Obama and the White House have joined Instagram! 

And the first image published on the famous social network is a picture of Michelle and daughter Malia during their trip to Africa 

In the legend, you can also read. "My first Instagram So so impressed and inspired by these amazing young! women. # FLOTUSinAfrica-mo ". 

The first 49 years old lady and can now share moments of his life with his fans ... Will discover a little more intimately below his destiny woman president.

Capture: a reality show based on -The Hunger Games-

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in "The Hunger Games"

The success of the anti-Utopical picture "The Hunger Games" Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in the title roles gave The CW a novel idea: instead of whether to create a reality show based on the popular bestseller?

Sooner said than done: new project starts on the screens very soon - premiered on July 31, and now the network has the official trailer of the project.

reality show was called Capture ("Capture"), the participants will be divided into 12 teams of 2 people (quite as in the districts Panema). Participants, as well as the characters of the film, will have to navigate through a wooded area, overcoming many obstacles on the way to victory.

The way, was originally planned to launch the guide channel TV series based on the book series "The Hunger Games," but then is stopped on the format of spectacular reality show.

Show last month, during which the participants will have to compete with other teams and compete for limited resources. However, the motivation of the players is very significant - the winners will take away with them from the woods 250,000 dollars and, of course, they will be able to pinch off a bit of fame in Hollywood stars of "The Hunger Games"

Capture show participants will go through difficult trials - as Katniss Everdeen 

Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and other characters of the film -Noah-

Still from the film "Noy"

Until today, users could only find a single picture of one of the characters in use for pictures of Darren Aronofsky's "Noah." Speech - about Russell Crowe in the image of the film's protagonist - the biblical character named Noah. Now, however, indifferent to the project are to evaluate the portraits of all involved actors in the lead roles.

The images of the heroes of the epic band - Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and others.

They became participants in the survey Iceland and America, which viewers will be able to evaluate in the next year.

Kinoistoriya reproduce familiar to us all the biblical story of the suffering of the apocalyptic visions of the Flood of Noah, to take decisive action to protect your family from the coming flood. In the role of his wife - Jennifer Connelly and sons played Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Leo McHugh. 

Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly fully
Russell Crowe, Logan Lerman
Ray Winton, Anthony Hopkins

Lady Gaga: stronger than Beyonce and Justin Bieber, is the most -powerful- singer in the world!

A new Forbes puts Lady Gaga tops the list of the most powerful players on the planet ...

Missing traffic and media in recent months because of his hip surgery and a long convalescence, Lady Gaga is not less remained at the top. A new ranking of Forbes magazine is there to prove it, putting the singer leads a very VIP list. The magazine has indeed compiled extensive data to determine which singers or singers were the most powerful on the planet. By comparing the revenue influence in social networks and in the media, Forbes has listed the most powerful figures in the music industry.

This is Lady Gaga is leading the ranking including through the tour, the Born This Way Tour, which earned him $ 168 million, despite the crash of concert dates because of his hip problem. And with 38.5 million followers on twitter, she's the best!

Beyoncé is second on the list, with his tour Mrs. Carter World Tour and earns two million per concert, while Madonna is third with MDNA Tour which earned him $ 305 million.
Taylor Swift is the fourth thanks to the phenomenal success of her album Red, while Bon Jovi is driven by the success of their tour Because We Can.

Justin Bieber arrives sixth, followed by Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Coldplay and Katy Pery.
What do you think of this ranking ?

1 - Lady Gaga
2 - Beyonce
3 - Madonna
4 - Taylor Swift
5 - Bon Jovi
6 - Justin Bieber
7 - Jennifer Lopez
8 - Rihanna
9 - Coldplay
10 - Katy Perry

Courteney Cox: mad his costar Brian Van Holt!

The actress is no longer a heart to take because now coos with Cougar Town actor Brian Van Holt!

Courteney Cox is no longer on the market of love .. . And because she did her ex-screen her new lover in town!

Indeed, American actress 49 years is officially in a relationship with her co-star in Cougar Town, Brian Van Holt, who plays her ex-husband in the famous series of TBS, as confirmed by U.S. Weekly.

"They have been dating for about six months," a relative told the couple, who already had been linked several times since Courtney split from actor David Arquette in 2010.

The source also added that the former star of the sitcom Friends was much more comfortable with the that his relationship with Brian is now official, considering that David Arquette also saw a great story with his girlfriend Christina McLarty.

Brian Van Holt, 43, is also close friends Courteney and even more important to his daughter: "The girl is extremely comfortable with Brian" told another source, during a visit to Coco, 9, on the set of Cougar Town in autumn last. "She treated him like a father or an uncle."

What do you think of the new lovebirds?

Kate Middleton increasingly nervous ...

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton apprehend each day a little more the birth of her first child. Cete anxiety would impact on the physical health of the Duchess according to the magazine OK!.

Kate Middleton anxiety so the approach of her confinement, she would be physically sick.

Married in 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting their first child in the coming days. The idea of ​​working occupy much the spirit of the young woman. "Kate said she has never been so nervous, she feels sick at the thought of giving birth," says a source in the U.S. magazine OK!. Prince William ensures his side several search and rescue missions with the Royal Air Force, and his absence would not help the situation. "To make things even more difficult, Prince William is still working and is not there to comfort her. It really is not good, the source said. He expects a phone call and a big rush to work when Kate will be at work. He knows that Kate is having a bad time right now and he hates not being there to support it. "

Kate Middleton has not been easy early pregnancy. She suffered very acute morning sickness called hypermesis gravidarum. According to some, the Duchess of music to help calm down, and she would be surrounded. "She's all alone, surrounded by servants, says a source. It gets a little crazy because you do not move. She filled her iPod music she wants to hear when she's at work. The other day she downloaded from Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris and Of Monsters and Men. "

Despite his fears and anxieties Kate Middleton has always appeared smiling in his last public events. The royal family is also very excited to expand. "Everyone is very excited. Prince Harry said he had put a bottle of champagne on ice, added the source. Kate and Will do not believe that the baby is almost here - in a few weeks, their lives will change forever. "

Kate Middleton should give birth on July 13, but according to some sources, the baby should be born earlier.


Selena Gomez: couple with Austin Mahone?

Selena Gomez

On a recent trip to Disneyland in California, Selena Gomez would have approached the young singer Austin Mahone. According to the Daily Mail, there will be love in the air ... 

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez went to Disneyland in California with a group friends. The actress and singer is separated from her friends, however, to discuss face-to-face with the young artist Austin Mahone, aged 17, this also 

The young woman of 20 years -. That has not left his Mickey ears of the day - looked relaxed in her striped tank top and gray leggings as she conversed with the teenager away from the rest of the group, if you According to the photos appeared on the Daily Mail website. Behavior that creates an accomplice now some speculation of a possible romance. 

Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber (19) several months ago, after a long and eventful relationship. She has since been linked to several stars including British singer Ed Sheeran and actor David Henrie, who was once his colleague in the series Wizards of Waverly Place. 

Known for his performances viral videos, Austin Mahone has also performed in the first part of the RED Tour Taylor Swift, one of the best friends Selena Gomez. He recently revealed that he loved to spend time with the two pop stars and Ed, who accompanied him as Taylor Swift in this world tour. "I'm on tour with Taylor Swift now and still love hanging out together or sharing a dinner ... It was cool after the Billboard Awards, Selena is gone room with Taylor and Taylor invited us, Ed and me, "he explained to Ryan Seacrest. 

While preparing to release his new album this summer Dance Stars, Selena Gomez find soon the big screen in Behaving Badly, alongside Nat Wolff. After a crazy role in Spring Breakers, the pretty brunette return to a wiser person. "[Selena] is probably the most innocent of all, Nat explained to MTV News. His character is worse in Spring Breakers. But Behaving Badly, it plays a little more innocent girl. It is somewhat religious and I'm the one who makes the most mistakes. But she witnessed very daring behavior. "

This new movie Selena Gomez is currently at the stage of post-production after IMDB.

Justin Bieber: and now he forgets his own words

Justin Bieber

Things go from bad to worse for Justin Bieber. After his legal trouble, he had a lapse of memory during its Fall title last night in San Jose, as he confirmed on his Twitter account. 

The fate hounds Justin Bieber forgets the lyrics of his own songs on stage. 

The singer is currently in North America with his Believe Tour. Last night, the star of 19 years occurred in San Jose, California, and was a little embarrassing moment on stage ... "San Jose was right tonight. It is probable that I have forgotten the words of Fall for a moment. It happens. Lol (sic), "admitted Justin Bieber on Twitter. 

However, this is not the first time that the memory of the star playing tricks on him in the middle of a performance. In November 2011, Justin Bieber appeared in a special edition of the U.S. Today Show and while humming the classic Christmas song Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, he accidentally repeated the same words twice before timidly find his words. Fortunately, the show continues to Justin remains optimistic regarding its future performances. "Next stop: Vegas. # BelieveTour (sic), "he tweeted.
Justin Bieber then continue its tour in Canada before concluding in Atlanta in August. It will then move to its Asian dates in September. 

The young man going through a complicated period these days and regularly makes headlines in the news items section. The young Canadian is being sued by a paparazzo who accused him of hitting at the chest. Justin Bieber is also being investigated for dangerous driving and saw a tumultuous relationship with Selena Gomez, his ex-girlfriend.

During pregnancy, Kim is not too worried about the figure, more caring about fashion images, but now determined to get rid of the extra 30 pounds (13.6 kg) for 30 days

Kim Kardashian :get rid of those extra pounds! 

Young mother and happy bride Kim Kardashian has decided to bring the figure "in order" after the birth of a daughter, and for the beauty of this program was based on a healthy weight loss.

During pregnancy, Kim is not too worried about the figure, more caring about fashion images, but now determined to get rid of the extra 30 pounds (13.6 kg) for 30 days.

and help her in this former ballet dancer and now a fitness guru Tracy Anderson, who previously worked with Madonna, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Courteney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Its principle of operation with the Stars Tracy sets out simply but effectively: the purpose of coach to develop a methodology to his client maintains the health and harmony of up to one hundred years old, regardless of genetics.

Tracy plans to "severely" coach Kim, alternating exercises for different muscle groups, and even put her on a strict diet , which is based on a diet of protein foods, fruits and vegetables.

Judging according to an insider, Kardashian ready for such draconian measures and intends to become slim, come what may. Who knows, maybe Kim is preparing for the long-awaited wedding with the beloved Kanye West?

Naomi Campbell: with or without panties to party with Kate Moss until the end of the night?

Both present last night Serpentine Gallery Summer Party held in Hyde Park in London, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss continued the festivities until the end of the night. 

Everything had started quite well ... Invited both the elegant Serpentine Gallery Summer Party held yesterday (Wednesday 26 June) in Hyde Park, central London, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss made it a strong impression. Having two of the biggest tops 90s at the same event, it is the insured class! 

Very pretty in her long black dress and clear-cut, Kate Moss has chosen to play it more sober than his girlfriend Naomi. Perched on high heels, which has been nicknamed the Panther in the world of fashion has opted for a shorter dress, and ultimately more risky. 

Once the "party" ended, which continued with a dinner which was participated actress Sex and The City Sarah Jessica Parker or very voluptuous Kelly Brook, Kate and Naomi went to party together in a bar in London where they emerged shortly before 3am. 

Still wearing her sexy little black dress, Naomi revealed more than expected for photographers ... Sitting in the back of a car, the top exposed her crotch with a view suggesting she was not wearing underneath. Little slut! 

Single since she ended her relationship with billionaire Vladimir Doronin, who did not put a lot of time to replace the Panther knows how to go about attracting new males

Leighton Meester: discreet but present to support her boyfriend Adam Brody!

The actress was out in LA yesterday for the premiere of new film of his beloved ... 

So yesterday (Wednesday 26 June), the American actor Adam Brody made his appearance on the carpet Red the first film Some Girl (s) in Los Angeles, is a solo that took the pose ... Not really solo since his partner on screen, Jennifer Morrison and Mia Maestro, did not hesitate to make flash with him 

Lacked simply to call the famous and charming girlfriend Leighton Meester he attended several months ago. But beware, if the old Gossip Girl has not walked the red carpet to not steal the spotlight from her man, she was still very much there! And because the couple has also been photographed as a couple to the output projection. 

Little blue dress, nude sandals, pink Miu Miu, Leighton was chewable to support her boyfriend Adam with charm! 


Prince Jackson: he returns details on the day of the death of his father, Michael Jackson ..

Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson testified yesterday in the trial between the Jackson clan turner AEG. The eldest son of Michael Jackson is back in detail on this day of 25 June 2009 when everything changed ... 

What is the responsibility of AEG turner in the death of Michael Jackson? This is what the deceased King of Pop clan, already 4 years ago, is determined to find out ... As the trial began against AEG lasts for several weeks, Prince Jackson, the eldest son of the singer, testified yesterday (Wednesday 26 June) in court.
It is with great emotion that adolescents 16 is back on that tragic day of 25 June 2009, the death of his father. "My father was half lying on the bed and his eyes rolled back. My sister is mounted on the floor, but we're going back down. She screamed all the time, saying 'I want my daddy.'" said Prince Jackson face the jury, remarks echoed by the New York Daily News. 

"I waited downstairs crying, waiting to go to the hospital." All members of the family followed the ambulance to Michael Jackson until the UCLA Medical Center. "

Later Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found later convicted of manslaughter after injecting an overdose of Propofol, returned to children Michal Jackson with bad news . "I'm sorry kids, dad is dead."
Prince Jackson then explained how his life has literally changed. "Nothing will ever be the same. I can not sleep at night. For a time after his death, I was emotionally distant with many people. "But for Prince, the person who suffers the most is her little sister Paris, who tried to stop these days in early June. "She is probably the person who was most hurt because she was the princess of my father." 

Shortly before his death, Michael Jackson had expressed his fear of not being up to par for its concerts managed by AEG. "They will kill me, they will kill me" ...

Harry Styles plan

Harry Styles

Harry Styles would do anything to keep in shape. According to the Sun, the singer will take to ice baths, as major sports. 

Harry Styles of One Direction takes ice baths to tone her body. 

 The singer and his colleagues, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, are continuing their world tour - Take Me Home - which seems exhausting. To get to keep pace, the group was put on a diet and Harry Style particularly the take seriously. "Harry is really pushed into a corner. He knows that the work will pay - and it makes everything their coach recommends it. Ice baths have nothing nice, but it means that his sore muscles will recover faster, a source told The Sun. In a short time, it will cut athletic body. "

Harry Styles is two sessions per day with his coach and he happens to get up at 2:00 in the morning to be sure you can do the exercises. 

This month a source revealed that the diet group had become a priority in their management, who uses martial arts coaches Mark Jarvis and Jimmy Wallhead. "It is important that the little guys are really fit for those dates. Producers do not want them to do in half-measures. They spend time traveling, we tend to gorge on junk food and playing video games. But thanks to the new regime of Mark and Jimmy, they train more, a source told the Mirror. Harry is really muscular arms, and Liam has abdominal COMPETE. Niall, Louis and Zayn have worked with other coaches and they go at it too. Their coaches have asked them to eat more healthily and it helps to have a better canteen during their UK tour. This is a good starting point for all the work they will provide when they make the stadium tour next year. "

Michelle Williams down to business with Dustin Yellin

Michelle Williams and her new boyfriend are very close. According to the magazine OK!, The two lovebirds ate eyes during their vacation in the woods of upstate New York.

Michelle Williams is no longer a heart to take.

The actress and her new boyfriend were not left on their last summer getaway. Since his break in February with Jason Segel, Michelle Williams has been linked to the artist Dustin Yellin. The two stars attended the Met Ball in May and all were seen with Matilda, the 7 year old daughter of the actress. Since then, it's crazy love. The couple was recently escaped to Buttermilk Falls Inn + Spa, a cottage located in Milton, in the state of New York. Michelle Williams, 32, and contemporary artist, 37, seemed very close during their short stay. "It was clear that Dustin is her boyfriend and she is seriously attached to him," says a witness to the U.S. magazine OK!.

The couple wandered in the forest hand in hand. They stopped "at the river [Hudson] to relax" and discuss. "They did not hide their affection," said the source.

The star of My Week With Marilyn has a 7 year old girl born from her relationship with actor Heath Ledger disappeared. The actress had decided to leave the little girl at home to enjoy a romantic getaway with her boyfriend. "They were together all weekend without Matilda," said the source.

The pretty blonde is separated from Jason Segel for problems away. Michelle Williams lives in New York while the actor of How I Met Your Mother resides in Los Angeles.

One Direction: even tattooed!

The One Direction do not hide their love for tattoos. Four members of the group are already tattooed, with the exception of Irish Niall Horan. 
Passing through Maryland, British boy band decided to go to a tattoo parlor to expand their collection personal. According to TMZ, Zayn Malik would face such a tattoo of his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, on the arm. Accused in the press of having deceived the beautiful singer, the young man decided to prove her love and loyalty. 

Louis Tomlinson have meanwhile asked the tattoo artist to draw him a spider's web, in reference to Spider-Man, and a bomb body. Liam Payne have finally changed mind at the last moment, preferring to walk alone in the streets of the city. These new tattoos have at least opened the appetite of One Direction who decided to order some chicken wings at KFC, full recording session. 

The five boys are currently on tour across the United States after traveling in Europe earlier this year. The One Direction will play tomorrow in New York before moving to Canada in July.