Jun 26, 2013

Justin Bieber: even sued by a paparazzi!

Justin Biebe

A paparazzi accused Justin Bieber for having put a kick in the chest accompanied by a volley of punches! 

Justin Bieber makes it one of those who never learn a lesson from their mistakes and endlessly repeat the same? 

Already very very many altercations with the paparazzi, the Canadian singer has done it again! Then a week ago, he overthrew a photographer in car before fleeing, a new man decided to sue. 

Photographer Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran complaint to an altercation that it was last year with the performer Baby. Quoted by TMZ, the man says that after taking pictures of Justin Bieber being pretty coo with Selena Gomez, his girlfriend at the time, he was struck by the unhappy star. 

Protected Usher would have given him a high kick to the ribs, then a few punches while pressing it against his car.
Selena Gomez is back to apologize a few minutes later, taking advantage of retrieve his cell phone left on the scene of the assault. 

Justin Bieber, very busy fricoter with a silicone bimbo whose only fault is to be married this time, had better calm down before to have the criminal record of Chris Brown!

Another kind of Baldwin: Ayrlend sister - Hayley - on the beach in Malibu

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger - Ireland - has become a full-fledged heroine "whisperer": the shape and acting ambitions girl we discuss more often than news from the life of her famous parents.

Let's get acquainted with her cousin, Haley, about that its more popular cousin recently whether in jest or earnest and said that, well, it is - Ireland - will be more beautiful.

rights, however, whether it? The other day, the paparazzi captured the daughter of Stephen Baldwin on the beach where she entertained friends. Figure (and external data as a whole) in 17-year-old blonde - the envy!

Who knows, maybe a few years later, we see the two sisters Baldwin on the big screen?

For comparison Ireland and Haley Baldwin

Paris Jackson suicide because of bullying in social networks

Paris Jackson

Recently, the only daughter of Michael Jackson - Paris - attempted suicide by cutting the veins and drinking a large dose of drugs. Now she is doing better, but, in the meantime, became known reasons why devushkv fell into a depression: it appears that Paris was not able to cope with negativity directed at her family in social networks.

Many netizens comments Facebook Paris perceived to heart - especially those related to the life of her father. According to an insider, "They killed her," and led to the fact that she decided to end her life.

Now she restores mental health in the medical clinic, where she had no access to the internet. However, her family worried that after the end of treatment Paris will once again go to your page in FB and survive because of cruel comments. Relatives even tried to block the girl's account, but they did not work - the social network policy prohibits relatives edit user profile, if he had turned 13 years old.

Meanwhile, the Internet is not left alone Paris Jackson recently in the leaked rumors about who is the biological father of the girl and her older brother, Prince. It turns out that the donor for future children became a close friend of the King of Pop, British actor Mark Lester.

By the way, Lester is willing to acknowledge his paternity and soon plans to take the test DNA, and offers children to move in with him to the UK . That's only in the Old World, as in the U.S., there is the Internet and caustic commentators

Mel Gibson's ex talks about domestic violence

The ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson spoke about the abuse she had suffered when she was in a relationship with the actor. According to Radar Online, she wanted to have someone to support him. 

The ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson was "in love with a blinding fear" when the famous crisis of actor in 2010. 

Breaking the actor and Oksana Grigorieva was confirmed in April 2010, shortly after the birth of their daughter Lucia in October of the previous year. Later, the woman claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence and Mel Gibson did not contest the charge.
This weekend, Oksana spoke at the gala Artists Against Abuse in Bridgehampton, New York. "At the time it happened to me, I was afraid to ask for help, I was in love with a blinding fear, she said according to RadarOnline.com. I wish I had someone to help me. But that was not the case. Often, victims of domestic violence have the impression that it is their fault but it is not true. "

The event was organized to raise funds for The Retreat, an organization that helps people suffering from domestic violence. According to the site, Oksana Grigorieva have talked about his experience with Mel Gibson, who had been accused of having hit twice and he strangled but has always denied having touched soundly. He was sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation, as well as 52 weeks of anger management classes. 

Russian musician explained that she wanted to convince women in this situation not to conceal or ignore the facts. "As a woman who has experienced the pain and stigma of abuse, I learned some important things, she said. Domestic violence happens more often than people think and the only way to stop it is to talk more openly and with courage. "

Following their separation, recordings of Mel Gibson making racist and violent comments were made public. His agency had then abandoned him and he withdrew from the spotlight. In 2011, he finally said, insisting that his words were taken out of context. "I have never abused anyone, or discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexuality. 

Point. I'm not pointing the finger at those who thought by cons, after hearing the crap that these tapes were leaked and published. You have to put all this in context: this was an irrational and animated discussion between a crisis of people trying to get out of a really unhealthy relationship. This is a unique and terrible time, said to one person, one day, and it is not for what I believe or how I've treated people throughout my life, "assured Mel Gibson Deadline.com.

Pink: never without her daughter

Pink plans to take her daughter Willow in her arms during the whole of his concerts. The singer told on Twitter that the separation was very painful for her child. 

Girl Pink suffers a crisis of significant anxiety whenever she is separated from her mother.

The singer has a little 2 year old daughter named Willow with her husband Carey Hart. Currently in Australia as part of his tour of The Truth About Love Tour, she saw the evil away with her children when she is on stage. "My daughter suffers from major anxiety due to separation then is it going if I keep it in my arms during the tour? , "She wrote on her Twitter account. 

If being away from Willow is not obvious, the star still loves to sing for his fans. Yesterday, she was on stage in Perth and his fans have made a flash mob before the concert. "Thanks to all the lovely people and loving who joined me tonight to Perth for the launch of the Australian leg of the tour. You made me happy, "she wrote after the show. During his two-hour performance, the singer impressed the audience with acrobatic and very energetic choreography. The star is known for its sports body, which does not prevent him to suffer from aches. "Oh my God, I feel like not to have gone to the gym for a month," she jokingly shared on the social network. 

Pink talked with fans during the concert and even mentioned his daughter Willow between songs. The blonde 33 year old has a close relationship with his Twitter followers and at one point, she read a letter from a fan who was in the room, before going to her to take her in his arms. Pink is in Perth until June 29 and will also sing in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: there's water in the gas!

There's water in the gas between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who are definitely not ready to get married! 

But what happens there between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?

lovers, who have been dating since May 2011 and became engaged in August 2012 have beautiful escrimer is to give a picture of welded and happy couple, it is clear that their relationship is not a long quiet river .
As the date of their wedding has been postponed for smoky excuses (do not coincide with the wedding of Brangelina for example), we learn that the former Rachel FRIENDS - who recently admitted be jealous hair Kate Middleton - refuses to move in with her boyfriend! 

While the star not like that under the California sun, Justin Theroux is a New York pure strain. In Los Angeles, but his friends, he perishes. So naturally he proposed to his girlfriend to follow him in the Big Apple. But nay! Jennifer refused categorically. For the efforts of Justin Theroux to split the two (he suggested him to live six months a year in New York and the rest of the time in Hollywood), which is a striptease torrid Tomer Sisley in The Miller: a family grass opposite the same rejection. 

In a deadlock, the couple is struggling to compromise not talking marriage and still waiting to find out where to build his future love nest. 

Do you think Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to marry someday?

Justin Bieber: the girl he kissed married!

Justin Bieber: the girl he kissed married!

While Justin Bieber has made about him kissing a bomb during his recent trip to Las Vegas, we learn that his new girlfriend is ... ! already married

This is the news that buzzes on the Web and in Beliebers: Justin Bieber have found a replacement for first choice Selena Gomez!

The singer was spotted trying to cuddle and kiss a woman named Jordan Ozuna, who works as a waitress in the City of Sin, also model in his spare time. But there is a catch: the new darling of the Canadian singer is not fully available in the market. In fact, if one believes his mother, Kim Ozuna, who was entrusted to RadarOnline, even the beautiful bride!

Age of 22 only, Jordan married a soldier by the name of Daniel, "at the end of high school." And even if they are separated for over a year, the mother of the sexy girl in the silicone breast claims to be "sure they will eventually get back together."

For this, we hope the young man, currently serving abroad, has not seen the photos and videos of his wife being with the Bieb's coo!

Given the physical bimbo Jordan Ozuna and ambition in the modeling, it is our opinion that in any case uses the popstar to make a name, do not you?

Rihanna: it takes a journalist who had drawn a portrait of her unflattering!


Furious after discovering an article dependent on it in the Daily Mail, Rihanna is taking the journalist who had dared to criticize! And it is not gone dead hand!

The journalist Liz Jones, who writes for the Daily Mail, can boast of having received a personal message from Rihanna ... Or not!

One who drew a picture to load (and of questionable taste) of the singer in the British newspaper, criticizing his taste for sex imaging, drug and rock & roll, " dangerous model "that could be for girls and his" sense of style on stage is a certain invitation to rape "was awarded to the spot by the singer, who clearly did not appreciate this little sermon . "I wish she stopped to infest our streets with tattoos shaped gun, its fake nails and fake hair" could be read in particular the article published on the Daily Mail.

on his favorite social network, Instagram, RiRi has released a photo of the journalist - not really to his advantage - along with the long message read: "LOL My fortune has a bad habit to annoy people! If thou really want to help the girls more than their parents do, here's a tip: do not be so unprofessional in your articles, you sound bitter What is all this talk of hair, nails,! tattoos and costumes? bullshit These are not smart! These are not bullshit journalism! It's just a sad and pathetic delusion menopausal! Nobody here feels perfect, I do not pretend to be like you I just live my life ...! And I do not know why it surprises you all so much! "model generation" is not a title or role I claimed, then drop the case with that! I have my own problems, I've never presented as perfect, but for now I am ME! Call it what you want! "Toxic" was cute, "Princess of Pop Poisoned "Sounds good, just a little twisted. And please, my first cover of Vogue U.S. April 2011 date! # ElizabethAnnJones"

A virulent response proves, if necessary, that Rihanna has a very sharp tongue!

What do you think?

Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian loose and reveals the meaning of the name North!

Less than two weeks after his birth, the small North West always emotive. Although with such a name, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stole the show at Blue Ivy and sisters ...

North West ... like that, out of the blue, we would have wanted to laugh once. Yes North West, North or West for franciser the thing, that's what we take for weathervanes! Daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has just been born, but with such a name, it is sure to be named baby star of 2013.

While rumors have circulated first effort on the net for several days and that Kim and Kanye have fun trick their "false friends" with a false picture of their offspring, Kris Jenner took a television appearance to say more about his granddaughter. And we will say, North West does not come from the boundless imagination and oversized ego rapper, but rather the head of Kim Kardashian.

On the set of American show The View, Kris Jenner has set the record straight: "Kim told me that North means the maximum power She says that North is the culmination of their relationship and I find it really really cute..." He added: "I love the name I am pro North North, absolutely.". Okay, okay. North therefore means the maximum power. Finally, one wonders if a little ego XXL Kanye has not faded slightly on the beautiful ...

Maud Fontenoy: Mom for the second time!

The sailor welcomed her second child, a little girl named Hina

Good news for Maud Fontenoy. Navigator is the mother for the second time. It is a little girl named Hina. The little darling weighs 2.6 kg to 43 cm. If you learn the info today, the birth took place in reality on June 10 to 14 hours says. The sailor will have managed to keep the secret for a good fortnight.

Up this morning so she sent a birth announcement. "Mahe five years, is pleased to announce the birth of his little sister Hina Fontenoy. Entire family is very happy and embrace you." t can be read above. In addition, the first radio Polynesia has issued the following message on his Facebook page: "Maud Fontenoy gave birth Monday 14:00 to small Hina 2.6 kg, 43 cm, Hospital Taaone Mom and baby. are doing well. "

A beautiful revenge on life for the young woman of 35 who had faced the disease. Maud, already mother of a 5 years old today Mahe has indeed defeated cancer in 2006. "With my cancer of the cervix, I had difficulty getting pregnant." she said there are still some weeks to Gala magazine. Congratulations to the sailor and the proud father whose Maud wants to keep the secret identity.

Pacific Frontier: by Guillermo del Toro: new trailer

"We have to believe not only in themselves but also in each other" - one of the main ideas of the new large-scale sci-fi movie "Pacific Line" written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, telling people about the war with huge sea monsters, take over the planet and almost destroyed the human resources.

To defeat the monsters, people have created their own monsters - giant robots Jaeger, which are controlled by two pilots whose consciousness interconnected neural communication.

filmmakers decided not to raise stars of the first magnitude, but spectacular visuals, napolenny battles with monsters, giant robots, with interest paid for a "modest" cast: the main role in the film, played by Charlie Hannema ("Hooligans"), Ron Perlman ("Hellboy"), Idris Elba ('Prometheus "), and others.

film" Pacific Frontier "hits theaters on July 11, and now we offer a fresh look at the trailer paintings and posters with images of Jaeger from different countries.

Lena Danэm of saemkah tretyego season -Devchonki-

Lena Danэm

The creator and star of the TV series "Girls," Lena Dunham appears exclusively in the chronicles of our pieces on feminism, issues of weight and shapes.

This time, sharing with you the celebrity images, imprinted on the set lunch in the restaurant scene in the Midtown Manhattan, we do not try to configure the readers to muzhenenavistnichesky mood or exacerbate protivovostoyanie girls with model parameters Victoria's Secret and those who, like Lena, not after a flawless figure. However ... all of the above, it seems to us, of course leads to the traditional themes.

Meanwhile, who plays Hannah Horvath continues to do what he likes in between filming laughing and making faces, and the command "Action!" Again, according to the scenario depicting a telephone conversation.

Judging by the staff, all is quiet on the horizon: filming the third season in full swing, but the feminist revolution is not yet ripe

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to adopt again

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has six children - is not the limit

Angelina Jolie has not had time to move away from a mastectomy, as the network began to discuss her plans for the expansion of the family: according to rumors, Angie, along with Brad Pitt wants to adopt and give birth to more children (thank you for the news blogger bar_paly).

And rumors different, and they are based on the materials of the tabloid The Sun, which is not something that you can trust implicitly (and only after the scandal with the wiretapping phones, followed by opportunities to obtain information illegally fewer - and even more so). Therefore, we take this news with a fair amount of skepticism.

Yet. There are reports that one of the contenders for the adoption of the Jolie-Pitt has become a four-year girl Leah - her whole family was killed because of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Before adoption, say insiders, the actress wants to bring the girl to the house, meet others and see how comfortable Lee will be in a new environment. Finally, all the formalities Jolie plans to settle by the end of this year.

In a preliminary trip to the United States insist Leia and lawyers dealing with adoption girls - it is important to know that the child will be able to adapt to the new location.

According to another version, Angelina knowingly became a frequent visitor to Jordan, where she is part of the mission UN ambassador fights for the rights of Syrian refugees. It turns out that the Syrian actress paneer adopt a child to get him out of the heavy conditions. According to "a close friend of the actress," Jolie is ready to seek help from the Queen of Jordan to the adoption procedure was completed in the shortest possible time.

In addition, insiders claim that Angelina and Brad are planning to have another child - the good, Mastectomy does not affect the reproductive function of women do not.

Recall now the pair raises six children: three relatives (Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne) and three receivers (Knox, Pax and Zahara). And still can not play the wedding, which is so ask for their children.

Brad Pitt with children
mother of many children Angelina Jolie

Chris Brown faces prison term

Chris Brown is in trouble again: musician is accused of assaulting the girl and causing her to beatings and hide from the accident scene. If Brown can prove guilt, he faces a real jail time.

Note that Chris Brown now does not fall into the scandalous stories and break the law - the singer is still serving a suspended sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna . However, Chris, it seems, and the day can not live peacefully.

Thus, recently the musician gave a concert in a club in Orange County Brown - after the performance the singer moved to the VIP-zone, where he decided to relax with friends. After drinking a few cocktails, Chris (according to witnesses - intentionally) pushed the 24-year-old Dianna Guinness, leaving the girl fell and tore ligaments in his right knee. Now, the victim claims that she needed surgery on his leg, which is why she called the police.

At this trouble for the singer did not end there. Los Angeles court accuses Brown of driving a car without a driver's license and hide from the accident scene at the end of May this year. According to prosecutors, Chris collided with another car, handing back, and then just left from the accident. Now the matter will be considered by the Supreme Court in Los Angeles.

The singer denies his guilt. In the "tweet" Brown writes:

How can you call running away from the accident that I got out of the car - do not substitute the concept. This is ridiculous.

As proof of his words lead singer photo "smitten" machines:

photos of my profile - it's a picture that I took from the owners of the machine after the "crash and escape." ANY damage. Just a dirty car. At that time I will have to restore your good name. I had with them a valid driving license and I left the woman his real contacts. She said journalists with cameras and decided to make a scene. She got in touch with the cops, thinking that I would pay (accent on the second syllable. - Ed), while I was going through all the necessary procedures. My lawyers will contact you. I'm not going to respond to this provocation, and the tabloids!

Photos from the "twitter" Chris Brown
 After a series of emotional tweets, Chris sadly wrote:

All my life I was plowing to provide all of my extended family. I've made mistakes in the past and had worked hard to get better.

19-24-year-olds. I have not got all the answers to your questions, and you show me the man who in this age has become quite wise. We live and gaining experience. Let me live my life.

If the accusations against Chris Brown will be proved, the court may consider this a violation of probation and transform it into a real jail time.

First session in the case of the singer held July 15 and during this time the musician better to collect more evidence of his innocence. And at the same time not to commit new offenses.

Chris Brown is serving a conditional sentence because of the violence against Rihanna

Chris Brown and his attorney Mark Gerakos


Victoria Beckham: David has to play Bond!

David Beckham as the new James Bond - like you that idea? Wife of football star Victoria Beckham is confident that David will cope with this role. In an interview made during a trip to China a couple, Mrs Beckham has admitted that she would be happy if David decides to try his hand at filmmaking:

David, I think you're a good actor. [Turning to the journalist] Do you agree? It will be a very good actor.

I think David should play James Bond! It will be a great Bond!

Among fans - both the athlete and the "James Bond" - started hot debate: whether football player, has already demonstrated an enviable success as a model, break into Hollywood? Will it out of him razvezdki British agent (and, of Victoria, again, for that matter, the new Bond girl)?

And even the next replica of the David, delivered during the same interview, could not stop the controversy:

I have friends, actors such as Tom Cruise - he is a close friend of the family ... But I do not think my plan is to acting career, I'm just not sure I can do it!

What do you think - would have made of David "007"? At the same time offer to remember all the actors try on the image and choose the best James Bond.