May 31, 2013

Diet Christina Aguilera costs her $ 1,400 a month

Last year, everybody was criticized Christina Aguilera for excessive amounts. Singer long struggled against charges of excess weight, assuring everyone that she loves her shape, but in the end could not stand the pressure and gave up, deciding to lose weight.

Said - done, and a few months later, Chris sported noticeably postroynevshimi feet and a narrow waist. As it turned out, getting rid of extra pounds costs her a modest sum by the standards of the star - only 1,400 dollars a month.

That's how much the company pays Aguilera The Fresh Diet, which provides its delicious and healthy food on a daily basis. The diet pop diva includes cereal with fruit for breakfast, a warm salad for lunch and tuna - as a main dish for dinner. In addition, from time to time is not forbidden and dessert - for example, apple cheesecake. On an average day, it consumes about 1,600 calories.

But, of course, a proper diet is not all. The artiste is actively engaged in yoga and strength training visits with a personal trainer. Moreover, as reported by insiders, it is a true pleasure from employment:

She did a lot of trains - she wants to lose weight a little bit more, but now she really schastliva.Rezultat - there (and on the face - too) . And how to change the proportions of the body! Well, you see, an example of Christina Aguilera's inspirational. For emphasis - old and new photos of the singer.

So Christina Aguilera looked in 2011 ... 

... As well as it looks today

The daughter of Anna Nicole Smith will receive part of the legacy of James Howard Marshall

Dennilin Birkhead with his father Larry Birkhead
Model Playboy, a sex symbol of the 90s, Anna Nicole Smith, who died in 2007, the year, in the last years of his life fighting for the legacy of his second wife of James Howard Marshall, estimated in the range of $ 500 million to a billion.

After his mother's death in a battle for the baton legacy "caught" her six year old daughter Dennilin Birkhead: in 2008, it was announced that one of the next of kin of Anna Nicole has no right to family heritage Marshalls. However, just yesterday, it turned out that the girl can still claim to be part of the inheritance, however, is quite modest.

California court ruled that Dennilin (which, by the way, at such a young age has already become a successful model) has the right to "on sanctions against the Marshall family." The budget, which it may claim, estimated at 49 million. The judge's decision was based on new data about the machinations of the family lawyers Marshall in previous trials, including - concealment of important legal documents from lawyers Smith.

Recall that in 1995, the year after the death of James Howard Marshall, Anna Nicole went to court with the claim that her husband promised to leave her $ 200 million, although it is in the will was not specified. After her death, the lawyers tried to obtain payment of the model of the inheritance of her daughter Dennilin. But then, the court held that B Marshall cross state should pass into the hands of his son, Pierce, as required, and a will.

By the way, at the end of June is a film biography devoted to Anna Nicole Smith. TV project director Mary Herron made (on account of its well-known paintings such as "I shot Andy Warhol" and "American Psycho"). The role of Anna in the film performed 27-year-old actress Agnes Brueckner.

Anna Nicole Smith and her third husband (and lawyer) Howard K. Stern in 2006, the year

Dennilin Birkhead and her father Larry Birkhead 

Dennilin Birkhead claim to the money the family Marshall

Isla Fisher:In Hollywood, I had no one to ask for help

Isla Fisher

Despite the fact that Isla Fisher married one of the most famous and successful Hollywood comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, it did not help her when at the beginning of the career path she found myself without an agent. In an interview for the July issue of British Cosmopolitan actress recalls:

I plucked up courage and turned to Sasha's agent asking to represent me. However, he refused: "No way." Well, fine! - I thought, and realized that the more I do not have any connections in Hollywood and count on someone's help, I can not.

Despite this, the 37-year-old actress Sparv difficulties and now shines on the Olympus of fame including drama, Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.

Women do not have to play by men's rules in order to succeed. The main thing here - to be a woman, to live in harmony with their zhenstvennnostyu and respect other women. In the film industry women support each other as anywhere else. When I passed the next test, Naomi Watts, who was present at them, told me the producer: "She - a great actress! You have to take it!"

Mother of two daughters, however, have no illusions about their success :

It is a myth that you can have it all - and a career and a happy family. You can not. Moreover, I do not think you really want it. This is a real torture! Feel like a juggler who has all the time to switch attention from one thing to another. But my priority - semya.Itak, successful career, and motherhood in Isla succeeded. Now on the horizon, a new goal - to write scripts.

My mom and I have, as they say, went into circulation. It's time to join together to write the script for the thriller. This, by the way, very interesting! And the funny situations happen, so I try to explain my mother: "Mom! Can not kill the main character is on the tenth page of the script!" We cry a lot! Known for her comedic roles, actress, however, did not differ in childhood cheerful disposition.

Up to 12 years, I have managed to change six different schools, so I was a novice and always in front of me was a challenge to quickly find themselves friends. At first it was not easy, I loved to spend more time reading books while sitting in a corner, not the company. But over time I learned to communicate, to be funny, and dispose of his associates. I think this is one of the most useful skills in my zhizni.Kak However, we are confident that Ayla ahead of a lot of interesting roles!

Secrets of the body like a stripper Jennifer Aniston

The first trailer for the comedy "We - the Millers" with Jennifer Aniston caused a lot of talk in the press, and the main subject of discussion was, of course, the person is an actress - not so much her unexpected role as a great physical form in which the actress appeared on the screen. To achieve a "figure of a stripper," Aniston has come for help to the beloved trainer Mandy Ingber, and this, in turn, hastened to share with the public the secrets of stellar workouts.

It turned out that the actress was engaged by well-known program Ingber Yogalosophy - szhiroszhigayuschih training representing a mix of yoga and toning cardio exercises:

"Yogalosofiya" combines traditional yoga with ACCA toning exercises. It turns yogo-training.

But, as Mandy to achieve brilliant results, in which the audience will be able to see all the beauty in September of this year (when the "Millers" will be in the car), Jennifer had to work not only on the body, but also the thoughts:

you should send a positive signal to your body, and not to abuse and harass yourself.

philosophy of "fitness for Ingber" consists of five elements: the love of his body, setting short-term goals, healthy choices, rendering his best condition, and support others and accepting support from them.

By the way, recently published a book dedicated to the "Yogalosofii" by Ingber (edition promises a "new body" 28 days), the presentation of which, except for an old girlfriend Jennifer, visited other wards Mandy - Kate Beckinsale and Courtney Cox.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Mandy Ingber

Rooney Mara at the New York Summit for Social Innovation

Hollywood stars excite not only successful posture in the frame and outfits in which they will appear on the next red carpet. Many celebrities use their status to influence public opinion on critical social problems.

These days in New York as part of the World Science Festival held Summit for Social Innovation, the participants of which - not only the light of modern science but the Hollywood stars. So, the second day of the summit on the rostrum and Rooney Mara. Actress introduced listeners to report on the activities of non-profit organization called Uweza Foundation, which fights poverty in Kenya. In such an important and crucial for the 28-year-old actress was accompanied by her mom moment - Caitlin.

Among the participants of the summit was noted and Glenn Close. The topic of her speech, in turn, had the prejudices of society towards people with mental illness.