Apr 17, 2017

Miss Russia 2017 - Polina Popova: what do we know about her

Miss Russia – 2017 Polina Popova

Last night, April 15, was announced the winner of the prestigious beauty contest "Miss Russia – 2017". The crown from the hands of Yana Dobrovolskaya ("Miss Russia – 2016") took Polina Popova, representing the Sverdlovsk oblast. As she admitted, she still believes that her jury awarded the honorary title. About the model not much is known, since it is not necessary to talk in detail about life outside of the podium. Nevertheless, some facts from the biography of the winner of the contest still need to pay attention to.

Where I came from

Polina Popova was born on 1 Jun 1995 in Yekaterinburg. In this city the model has lived his entire life. While she has no plans to leave historic homeland, because he wants to get higher education in Russia. Pauline proudly says Sverdlovsk region, because there began to emerge her career.

Miss Russia – 2017 Polina Popova

Modeling career

In the business model Polina was not by coincidence. In high school, she dreamed to travel to different countries and take part in photo shoots. A girl materialized pretty soon, and at the age of 15 she started working as a model. Popova began to receive calls with offers of cooperation. In the first months it was the Russian Agency, but soon became interested in Europe and Asia. That's why after high school, Pauline has fully devoted himself in the modeling industry. By the way, thanks to trips to other countries Popov realized that he wanted to stay in Russia.

I want to devote his life to his country to get Russian education. When I made this choice, comparing different cities in all countries of the world. I can say that Russia is the best place to live for the future, for creation of family and education of children,

– said the girl in an interview after the final of the contest "Miss Russia – 2017".

Not "Miss Ekateriburg"

Polina Popova said that to participate in the contest "Miss Russia" never even thought about how to try out for this modeling contest. But still, she went ahead and sent a request. It should be noted that Pauline, while not won the title of "Miss Ekaterinburg". Most often, the finals are just the winners of regional stages. Last year the crown went to Elizabeth Anikhovskogo, together with "Miss Russia" had to come Irina Vorzheva. But it soon became clear that to imagine the Sverdlovsk oblast will not only these girls but also Polina Popova and Elizaveta Savicheva. It turned out that this year the competition final in Moscow competed four a native of this region. But, in recognition of the General Director of the competition, Larissa Tikhonova, their luck went from 70 thousand girls, but took only 50.

Natural trend

In a brief interview with Pauline admitted that the selection of the jury can be considered the prevailing pattern. Over the past few years several of the girls from the Sverdlovsk region were awarded the title of "Miss Russia" in 2010, it was Ekaterina Antonenko, and in 2015 – Sofia nikitchuk.

Miss Russia – 2017 Polina Popova

A passion for Chinese

For many years Pauline has been studying the Chinese language. She is so into the Asian culture that she even thought about moving. The girl is working on improving language skills. Thoughts on higher education in China has ceased to occupy Popov, when she briefly worked there as a model. Back in Russia, Pauline realized that she wanted to study in his native country.


Pauline is an active lifestyle. She visits the gym, likes to cook delicious food and loves to travel. Judging by the pictures of the girl in Instagram, only for the last year and a half, she managed to fly to several European countries, the USA and Turkey and China. Of course, most of the trips Popova associated with the work, because the best deals do all the girl, but, nevertheless, she likes this way of life.

Miss Russia – 2017 Polina Popova

Attitude to diets

Polina claims that do not adhere to a strict diet. She loves to treat themselves to dessert products. Of course, to maintain yourself in good physical shape, the girl has to spend much time in the gym, but she doesn't think you need to limit yourself (within reason, of course). By the way, the winner of the title "Miss Russia" still prefers to spend time playing tennis.


In the profile Polina Popova noted that the most striking work of those that she had read, is the novel of M. Mitchell "gone with the wind" and favorite movies for many years remain "Pretty woman", "Catch me if you can", "Let's dance".

Miss Russia – 2017 Polina Popova

Personal life

Polina Popova casual after the competition admitted that her heart really busy. The girl did not say the name of a loved one, but said that the boyfriend was very worried. Anyway, she asked the young man to stay home and watch the competition on TV. According to Pauline, so it was easier to perceive what was happening.

About honest labor

One of the awards, which received the "Miss Russia – 2017", has become a Bank card in the amount of three million rubles. But Pauline is in no hurry to spend money. For a few years in the modeling industry she has accumulated a sufficient amount of funds that can satisfy its requests. So she feels somewhat slighted, since an early age has gained financial independence.

I don't plan to spend the money. I have my own savings because I earned good money in Asia and Europe working as a model. I recently returned from projects in America

– said Pauline, after the finals of the competition.

Miss Russia – 2017 Polina Popova

Miss Russia 2017 Polina Popova