Mar 14, 2017

Prince William is resting at the ski resort with the model Sophie Taylor: what do we know about her

Prince William missed the main ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, exchanging the company of the Queen on the close friends which went to a Swiss resort. And while other members of the Royal family dined at the service in Westminster Abbey on the occasion of the event, William was dancing at a local club Verbier. However, the public paid more attention to the fact that the Prince missed the event, but on a pretty girl, implementation of the time in his company. As it turned out, is an Australian model Sophie Taylor. Internet users almost fill up the Prince's stones, but newe-4y decided to conduct its own investigation and learn about the mysterious friend of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

Where I came from

Sophie Taylor — 24-year-old model who was born in a perfectly normal and an exemplary family in the South-East of Australia. After graduating from high school in Gosford, the girl was enrolled in the local University on a specialty in psychology, but never completed the training because of the activity in the modeling field. However, Sophie did not regret it and glad I devoted this time to the beloved and travel.

Modeling career

The first step in the modeling was the collaboration with a local Agency Chadwick. Sophie was often photographed for advertising swimwear and beachwear and one of the most iconic photoshoots was shooting with American photographer Glen Kron. However, last year a girl was expelled from the Agency, and the reasons to the village is not known.

model Sophie Taylor


Sophie Taylor — loves travelling. She has traveled almost the whole of Asia and America. She loves Bali and Los Angeles and often share inspirational images with your followers on Instagram. However, snowy mountains of Austria and France are not caused by less interest in the model. It should be noted that the rest of Sophie leads an active and, as she admits on the page that does not tolerate simple felting in the sun.

 the model Sophie Taylor 0001

 the model Sophie Taylor 0002

Personal life

I hasten to refute propagating in the network view that William and Sophie have some connection: the model is in a serious relationship with Aaron Goodfellow, and the resort of Switzerland was presented to the Prince for the first time. After, William and Sophie spent the weekend in General, friends, learning new tracks and sipping hot mulled wine in between skiing. And nothing more!

 the model Sophie Taylor 0004


One day Sophie goes by without exercise. Along with the cardio girl prefers winter sports. For several years together with her boyfriend she keeps going to Verbier and practicing the skills of skiing and snowboarding with frequency envy. In Instagram the girl became an example to the public: it is of the proper diet, sharing the healthy recipes, and sports.

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