Dec 9, 2016

Gigi Hadid lose weight due to thyroid disease

Gigi Hadid lose weight due to thyroid disease

Over the past two years, Gigi Hadid, which once could boast of a very appetizing forms and proudly announced that he loves my body and losing weight is not going to lost a lot of weight. The public, of course, were quick to criticize the girl, deciding that she "changed myself" in the pursuit of model parameters. But as it turned out, the weight loss Gigi is connected not with the fact that Hadid decided to fit his body under the boring stereotypes of beauty.

Gigi Hadid Fashion Model

In a recent interview, 21-year-old Gigi admitted that they lose weight not by choice, but because of the medicines that are forced to take to deal with thyroid disease.

My metabolism lately have changed. I have Hashimoto's disease is a chronic disease of the thyroid gland

- Hadid told reporters and added:

It's been two years since I started taking medication. I didn't want to lose the weight to show Victoria's Secret. The only thing I want is that I had muscles in the right places.

Well, it is hoped that Gigi's health is not in danger of anything serious and she will be able to cope with the disease and no longer to lose weight.

Gigi Hadid lose

Gigi Hadid lose weight