Nov 19, 2016

The first performance of Angelina Jolie after news of the divorce and the actress plans on thanksgiving

If brad pitt appears in public, promotera his latest film, "Allies", the angelina Jolie we have not seen for a long time. And it is clear. The announcement of the divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie clearly has complicated the life of both journalists began to harass former lovers with a new strength that you will agree that prevents lead a normal life. But yesterday, Angelina finally appeared in public - even in the video.

Jolie has always done everything possible to help those who need it, and the divorce process is not changed. The recording was made for the International criminal court, and in it, Angelina speaks about the new policy of the court in respect of children.

On this news the actress did not end there. Angrily lawyer Laura Wasser told Western journalists about the plans of his eminent client for the upcoming thanksgiving.

She's going to do what will make most of us - that is, spend time with family

- the lawyer told.

Wasser also added that sons and daughters Angelina and brad - Maddox, Saharai, Paxam, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne - all right, children I feel good.