Nov 1, 2016

Russian participants of the contest "Miss world" and "Miss universe": what do we know about Yuliana Korolkova and the Yana Dobrovolskaya

Russian Miss world and Miss universe Yuliana Korolkova and the Yana Dobrovolskaya

A few hours ago it became known that in the international contests "Miss World" and "Miss universe" Russia will be represented by our compatriot Yana Dobrovolskaya and Yuliana Korolkova. In this regard NEWS-4Y read more learned about the girls and is willing to share information with you.

Yuliana Korolkova

Yuliana KorolkovaAge: 22 years.

Place of birth: Orsk, Orenburg oblast.

Title: Yuliana Korolkova is the first Vice-miss of the contest "Russia in 2016."

Education: first-year student at the British higher school of design, receiving an education in the field of identity and branding.

Hobbies: piano, tennis, yoga, cooking.

Yuliana Korolkova loves to read Dostoevsky, her favorite book writer — "the Idiot". The girl travels a lot and collects the tickets. Julian already long time lives and works in new York, she likes the land of opportunity but a fragile girl misses Russian cuisine — her favorite dish-borsch and dumplings.

The girl will take part in the contest "Miss universe 2016", the date and venue of the competition are not reported. Recall that in the history of the competition winning it was awarded only one Russian woman — Oksana Fedorova in 2002. We wish Julian luck and are all pulling for her!

Yuliana KorolkovaYuliana KorolkovaYuliana Korolkova

Yana Dobrovolskaya 

Yana Dobrovolskaya
Age: 18 years

Place of birth: Tyumen.

Titles: the winner of the regional beauty contest "Miss Tyumen-2015" and the national contest "Miss Russia 2016".

Education: sophomore at the Tyumen College of arts on a speciality the teacher-choreographer.

Hobbies: reading, decoration, child psychology.

Jan for 12 years engaged in ballroom dancing. The girl says that she loves the books and active rest, and dreams of becoming a children's choreographer. This year Ian will go to the contest "Miss World 2016," which will be held on December 18 in the US capital, Washington.

Yana Dobrovolskaya Yana Dobrovolskaya Yana Dobrovolskaya