Nov 20, 2016

Lauren Jauregui, the Fifth Harmony, takes on bisexuality in a letter

The band wrote text to express dissatisfaction with Donald Trump's victory in the election for President of the United States.

Lauren Jauregui, the Fifth Harmony, takes on bisexuality in a letter

Lauren Jauregui, the Fifth Harmony, decided to open the game and assumed to be bisexual in a letter published in the magazine "Billboard" in which expresses their disapproval with Donald Trump for President of the United States. "Your words are useless, because their actions have led to the destruction of all the progress we have made socially as a nation. With ignorance and refusing to understand the way the Government and the world works, you have allowed a business Tycoon with hunger for power commanded the United States of America, "she said about the voters of the future ruler in one of the excerpts from the letter.

Then she talks about having Cuban and his sexuality with pride. "I am a Cuban-American bisexual woman and I'm very proud of that. I'm proud to be part of a community that has love and education projects and support each other. I'm proud to be his granddaughter and daughter of immigrants who were brave enough to leave their homes and come to a whole new world, with a different language and culture and submerge without fear to start a better life for themselves and their families, "said the singer.

In another excerpt, Lauren talks about women's rights, feminism and empowerment. "I was raised to feel that I can do anything, and I'll always believe that. I am proud to feel the full spectrum of my feelings and accept with pleasure the label "dog" and "problematic" by talking about what I think the same way as any man would be admired and respected for doing the same. But, I will also hand full of compassion and empathy for anyone labeling me. I also know that in my fight because I'm a woman, I'm very privileged. I was born with a lighter skin and green eyes (thanks to genetics), so from that perspective of closed minded, I'm white. I experienced the privilege which these genes gave me, and I am grateful and I will continue to speak on behalf of the women all over the world and from our own country experience a fraction of this respect because of the color of their skin or what they choose to wear, or because of your hair, or because of the amount of makeup that they use or any other nonsense to which we women are reduced ".

Lauren Jauregui Donald Trump

Finally, the singer con saying that is not lamenting the defeat of Hillary Clinton, but fighting for rights that deserve: "we're not ' whining ' for our candidate have lost, we're screaming cries of battle against those whose political and personal agendas threaten our lives and sanity. We're making sure that you are listening to us, no matter how much trouble, we exist ".