Sep 17, 2016

Confusion in social networks: Chloe Moretz appeared on the cover with Brooklyn Beckham?

Chloe Moretz appeared on the cover with Brooklyn Beckham

The cover of the latest issue of Teen Vogue magazine for October and November has raised many questions in fans of Chloe Moretz. The actress appeared on it together with the boys, which is very similar to Brooklyn Beckham. However, similar from the back, as you can see only the back of his head.

Cap Brooklyn – photo exactly. Didn't they break up? Look very good,
– a similar comment was filled with Instagram-diary Chloe after she shared with followers cover photo.

Some commentators have rightly suggested that the shooting was done before the breakup. And, of course, right they.

In the interview, which took actress Julianne Moore, Chloe told including about the relationship with British boyfriend. Questions were asked when the relationship of the couple is not threatened. We will remind, about the breakup of Chloe and Brooklyn became known in early September.

Chloe Moretz on the cover with Brooklyn Beckham

When the life of your young person as well as your own, runs between different cities and connected with regular flights, to build relationships easier. We both understand that sometimes you can't talk, because it is very busy. We are bound by trust. If you feel you can trust each other and are able to hold out eight hours without communication, the relationship will survive.
– frankly told Chloe.

At the same time she complained about paparazzi who spoil her life.

Should we go to the store like 15 people with cameras there. We are people too and need to be sometimes left alone. In short, it is difficult to maintain personal space in such conditions,
– the actress confessed.

It remains to add that it's even harder for Chloe to forget the man in the next two months will resemble the cover of a magazine.

Chloe Moretz with Brooklyn Beckham