May 15, 2016

Who is Susana Jamaladynova , the Ukraine's Eurovision 2016 winner?

Susana Jamaladynova

Susana Jamaladynova is 32 years old and she is the granddaughter of Crimean Tatars, a Ukrainian peninsula. With his song "1944", she won the competition of the Eurovision 2016, this Saturday, May 14, in Stockholm. As the candidate of France, Amir, he finished 6th, our best score since 2002!

Yesterday, Saturday, May 14, you have been 4.889.000 people (or 27.9% of the public) to prefer "The 61st Eurovision Song Contest" in The Voice! And if many hoped to see the former candidate of the radio of TF1, Amir winning the European title, it was finally a Ukrainian named Susana Jamaladynova which gave harm to all bookmakers!

32 years old, this training become a star of the jazz singer in Ukraine "sang a very personal song" assured his rival french, admiring. Indeed, "1944" was composed in 2014, when the Russia annexed Crimea. A "State of helplessness" of a people that has revived old yet very painful injury of 70 years, reported Jamaladynova .

"I wanted to do a song about my great-great-grandmother Nazalkhan and thousands of Crimean Tatars who were never able to return to Crimea, on the year that changed their lives forever," she said. In 1944, the year in which she talks about in her song, almost all of the Tatars, a Muslim people of Turkish origin was deported on Stalin's orders, because they were suspected of having collaborated with the nazis.

Susana Jamaladynova  Eurovision 2016

His performance that is also a political act was applauded by president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who welcomed this Sunday "incredible delivery and a victory! The Ukraine address you a thank you, Susana Jamaladynova ".